Easy? Yeah, right

Having two children close together is a fantastic idea in theory.  I knew that it would be absolutely crazy when they are little but I’m hoping that as they get older it’ll get a little easier: they’ll have each other to play with, they’ll watch out for each other at school and end up being best friends for life.  That’s how my brothers are and I hope my boys will turn out the same way.

I don’t think that I heard the correct message when my mother and other friends all said that they didn’t really remember those years with two young ones.  I’m pretty sure that I heard, “It goes by in a blur and one day you find yourself on the other side with two lovely children” what I should have heard was, “Your brain is mush and you’re lucky that nobody’s scarred for life!”

I decided to write this blog as a way to stop myself from getting lost in the daily whirl of feeding, changing, entertaining and educating my two little monsters whom I love to pieces but some days just want to be able to put on “mute.”


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