Christmas tree hell

Decorated by the boys

Decorated by the boys

It’s that time of year again, time for lights and garlands, decorations and eggnog, headaches and temper tantrums (mostly mine!)

My childhood memories of tree decorating are of going with the whole family to pick out a tree. With four kids it quickly became a competition, each kid chose which tree they thought was the best and my dad would go around to each and decide which would go home to be our tree. It seemed to me that my tree was never picked (obviously it’s good that I never pursued a career in horticulture!) and for some reason that always bothered me much more than it should. I always approached tree trimming as a necessary evil in the process of getting into the Christmas spirit and I’m sure that I brought some (a lot!) of that old resentment to the task this year.

We started out delightfully removing the tree from it’s box to cries of joy from two very excited little boys, that quickly changed to cries of “Don’t touch that!” and “Drop it now!” as they moved on to garlands and decorations before I decided that we were ready to move on. By the end of a (mercifully) brief period we had a tree that the boys decided was wonderful and had moved on to watching “The Muppets Christmas Carol”.

At least for the next few weeks I can put on the holiday movies that the boys don’t see very often and let them  be entertained by Muppets, Charlie Brown, and the Grinch so I can get over myself and try to give them the fantastic Christmas memories that my parents gave me before I screwed them up!


2 thoughts on “Christmas tree hell

  1. I’m pretty sure it was your tree that got picked every year! 😉 But yes they are wonderful memories that we all have from Tree hunting at the nursery to late service at church.


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