What am I thinking?!

I read an article in “Today’s Parent” magazine not that long ago that was talking about extended families that live together.  I can’t remember every detail (and couldn’t find an archived link on their website to double check) but one part I remember was a bit about growing up living with Grandma and Grandpa, never knowing which one would be doing school pickup, having lots of family members around all the time, and loving it! The person went on to say that their children would probably benefit from a similar type of situation but that day was likely far off in the future.

That day is coming up really fast for me and my kids (and my poor husband whom some days I feel was steamrolled into accepting this choice without much input!)

Over a year ago my siblings and I sat down to determine the fate and future of our parents and the family farm.  After lots of discussion (and wine!) we decided that the best way to proceed was for my family and I to move to the farm and raise our boys there, while keeping an eye on my parents and helping out as they got older and needed it.

The old farm house was too small to accommodate four new people, even though two of them are quite small right now, so we needed to figure out a design for an addition that would give everyone the space they need while not breaking the bank.  We worked at it ourselves for most of last winter and early spring before deciding that we were at the point where we needed professional help (both architecturally and very nearly personally, it’s not easy to design a building from scratch with six people all having their own ideas about what it should look like!) After many revisions, decisions and near arguments we have a house plan.

Last weekend there was the lawn, the exact spot where I stood and recited my wedding vows, by this weekend there will be a foundation and by next weekend it’s entirely possible that there will be a house!

So now I have the joy of celebrating the holidays at the same time as I have to pack up and move while also trying to keep this place looking perfect so that we can sell it. I’m thinking that I’ll have some stories to tell after I live through all of that (assuming that I do, in fact, live through it which I doubt at this point)






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