Weekend recap

I’m still getting used to having such long weekends.  When your husband works nights the weekend begins on Friday when he wakes up and continues to Monday when he leaves for work.

So how did this weekend play out?

Friday: dishwasher shopping. Started with a sleeping kid keeping me stuck in the van. Ended with a mad search through the store for a missing toy involving two kids, me and a more-than-slightly bewildered trainee salesman followed by the boys chasing each other out the door of the store right into the parking lot! The little monsters didn’t even pause before they hit the asphalt which, of course, sent me into a panicked run after them. I am not a runner, I rarely move faster than is absolutely necessary but I did my best while carrying purse,coat, no-longer-missing toy and one 50 lb toddler who was close enough to grab on my way to catch the other one.

We go home, Mommy wants a drink.

Saturday: Christmas social at Mommy’s orchestra practice. Everyone is welcome to come to practice and play along (if they play) or just sit and listen. The boys come and bring their jingle bells, shaker and toy saxophone and trumpet. With all that they’re both much more interested in sitting on my lap and “helping” me play my violin.  Trying to play “Barber of Seville” while a 2-year-old is bowing for you is just not recommended. I keep telling myself “They could have been a whole lot worse” but that doesn’t stop it from being exhausting.

We go home, Mommy wants a drink but has laundry to do.

Sunday: going to Papa’s house but first need groceries. Got the groceries, came home to put them away while the boys have lunch. Neither of them even took off their coats and shoes, they were so anxious to see GranNan and Papa. Got to the farm, little one is sleeping in the van, big one goes inside to find his uncle playing video games. Score! Babysitter Mario is on duty! When we move to the farm I will be taking over bookkeeping duties so I decide to get started on learning their software, two hours later I feel like a dead part of my brain has woken up (and is happy!) and I realize that I have no idea where my children are or what they’re doing. Mario and Papa have been on the case and all is well.

We go home, whether it’s to celebrate being useful to someone over 4′ tall or to assuage my guilt over not being useful to those in my life under 4′ tall, I don’t know and I don’t think I’ll care after a few more sips!

Mommy has a drink.


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