The Wants of a Mom

Mothers want for a lot of things.  They want to give their children the absolute best life possible, they want to magically have a fabulously clean house even with two toddlers running around, they want to cook like Gordon Ramsey and look like Charlize Theron.  I want all of those things too but there are a few things that go a little higher up on my list:

  1. I want someone to tell me that I’m doing a good job raising our children.  My husband works, as a lot of dads do, and that’s a really important part of childrearing.  No cash means no roof, no groceries, no toys, no wine!  I used to work, and was able to know in a tangible way that what I did was productive and appreciated.  I’m sure that other stay-at-home moms will agree with me that “Homemaker” is not the easiest job to get appreciation or recognition for.
  2. I want to be told that I’m beautiful, it’s nice when your husband tells you that right after you’ve presented him with his first- (or second- or third-)born child but you know that he’s not actually seeing you right then. (Nobody in their right mind would think that about me after 17 hours of labour!) I’m talking about the quiet little comment that comes out of the blue, preferably on the one night in a year that I put a little effort in and actually care what I look like.  I’m pretty sure that I’ve had two of those moments in the three years since my first son was born. (It is likely, however, that I would receive more of these type of compliments if I were to actually brush my hair the odd time!)
  3. I would like to be able to play a piece of music from start to finish to cries of “Bravo, bravo!” rather than “Me Mama, me!”  Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled that my boys are showing signs of taking after me in terms of musical ability (I’m fabulous!) but I worry that they’ll want me to teach them (Perish the thought! I can’t stand teaching music!) and then I’ll end up making them cry.  Ask my sister and brothers, I’ve made each and every one of them cry at a piano sometime during their life!
  4. I want to be able to watch at least one grown-up television show per day.  Doing so without interruption would be utopian but if I can at least make it through to the end I would be happy.  Thank goodness I watch everything online or on DVD, at least it’s not too difficult to pick up where I left off the night (or week) before.
  5. I want to be able to have a bubble bath all by myself.  At present the only way I can accomplish that is to put on a movie for the kids, sneak away to the tub and lock the door.  I usually don’t even get the bath all the way filled before I have little hands pounding on the door wanting to know when it’s their turn.
  6. Lastly, I want a glass of wine! A nice deep red, velvety, fruity, full-bodied wine that actually comes out of a bottle and can be drunk from a crystal wine goblet.  I do (often!) have some wine but it, by necessity, usually comes in a screw top Tetra Pak and is consumed in some sort of plastic or sealable vessel.

I know that one day (probably sooner than I would like!) I’ll be able to have my bath, television will always be available on DVD and a good wine improves with age so tonight I won’t worry about what I want and don’t have.

Wine sunset

Tonight I will appreciate what I already have, a private piano concert performed by my most favourite musicians!




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