Packing up and moving on

So…now it begins.

I have had the entire winter to prepare for our move in the spring.  What have I done? Watched my husband pack up two boxes of toys while I sat there thinking, “Holy crap, all of this is going to get packed and moved and unpacked and put away again.” I couldn’t wrap my head around the enormity of the task ahead, I still can’t, as a matter of fact.


It is absolutely astonishing how much junk you can amass when you stay in one place very long.  Even before the kids were born we had a lot of stuff but now it has just entered the realm of ridiculous! I know, it’s my fault, I’m very nearly as excited as the boys when we get a new toy! Just last night I found myself saying to my eldest, “Let’s go to the toy store!” (I’m very into Playmobil right now!) Common sense won out and we didn’t go anywhere but can you tell that I have a problem?

Yesterday we got a phone call from our realtor, he had someone who was looking for a place very much like ours.  It would be wonderful to be able to sell without hardly listing the place but it means that all of a sudden I have to get in to packing/cleaning mode in a right hurry!

I understand that it makes no sense to move something that we’re not going to need in the new place but it definitely slows the packing process, I spent four cups of coffee (approx. two hours) yesterday going through the boy’s old clothes, sorting out what was garbage and what could be passed on to someone else.  I have piles of clothes all over their room, sorted into size and use.  That made me feel like I had accomplished something but I only did four or five out of a dozen boxes!  Then I still have to pack them up for delivery to their various locations.  I know that if we get another phone call today all my sorting work will go out the window as I throw the stuff into boxes and load them in the van to get them out!

I really wish that I was a more organized person, I could have a lists!  We have to walk a sort of tightrope with this move, ideally the boys and I would move into the new house with most of our stuff (leaving the old house empty enough to look clean but not so empty that it’s hard to sell).  The difficulty comes in the fact that the new house is only half finished, the basement is our department and we can’t start on it until after the inspectors have come and signed off on all of our permits.


I’ll continue with yesterday’s story another time, today I want the world to know that instead of waking up, feeding the kids and then sitting down at the computer with my coffee to write about all the things I have to do…wait for it…I actually did something!

I got right into the groove by not even leaving the kitchen once I had made coffee.  Now, after 4 hours of hard labour, I have one corner of my kitchen counter looking beautiful! I scoured the stove and it looks lovely, cleaned the crumbs out the of toaster (which I’ve had for 5 years and probably cleaned out once!), reorganized a couple of shelves so that I can put away the stuff that always get left out on the counter like bread, butter, sugar, tea bags, etc.


Anyone who knows me is aware that this is a major event, the only time I make the house look like this is when I’m having a lot of people over (which doesn’t happen often.) Obviously I am going to have to carry on with this strategy and try and do at least some square footage of house each day or I will never get it done.

The best part of the whole exercise though was when my husband woke up this morning and said,

“Holy crap, you actually do know how to clean!”


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