Box block!

I seem to have developed some sort of box block.

I have finished my work in the kitchen, aside from the few files and laptop sitting on the table (which will get hidden in the oven if someone comes to view the house) the kitchen is “show ready”.  Well, I still have to clean the floor but I figure that’s something you have to do anyway (really? I didn’t know that!) so I’m not counting it.  With two small children a floor never stays clean for long anyway.

My plan this weekend was to get the upstairs bedroom done.  We need to move the big mattress downstairs and bring up the small one (so the room looks bigger, it’s ridiculously small for a master bedroom) plus, I still have the cradle that was made for my first baby (3 years ago!) blocking access to the closet. It has become a receptacle for the clothes that I throw off but are clean enough to wear again.  My first baby slept in that cradle probably four times and my second baby had outgrown it by the time he was two months old, I really should have packed it up and put it away a long, long time ago.

Anyway, none of that happened.

I’m pretty sure that swim class Thursday nights will continue to screw up Friday mornings, the boys were up at 5:00 again this week! That meant that Friday’s energy level was way down.  Saturday night my husband and I had a surprise birthday party to attend and it was nearly 1:00 before I got to bed.  With the boys up at 6:00 it was nearly dinnertime before I felt like moving. So, over the course of our three day weekend we accomplished absolutely nothing in terms of packing.  We did spend a lot of time yesterday designing our dream deck for the new house, we decided that since the new house is a raised bungalow we must have a deck built as soon as possible (for safety!) and since we went with a very simple design for the house we would go all out on the deck and make it fabulous!

So now it’s Monday again.  Surprisingly I woke this morning with a determination to get some work done! I would like to ride that feeling as far as possible but as I stood here looking around I realized that there was a bunch of stuff that I could pack up (snow clothes can finally go!) but that there were no boxes for me to do so.

The boxes are in the garage which is twenty feet from where I sit right now and I’m thinking that’s just too far away! Ask anyone in my family, they know I’m the laziest person around, but even I am surprised at how much my brain is against the idea that I have to go to the garage and get boxes.  I think I feel that since I’m the one doing the work I should just magically be presented with all the tools I need to accomplish the necessary labour.

Well…I’ve now finished my coffee and will have to start doing something! I think today might be a good day to tackle the bathroom, theoretically everything that is cluttering up the counter already has a place so I should be able to make it look good without needing to fetch boxes!

We’ll see how that goes….


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