Easter weekend mayhem

Most times I really look forward to Easter weekend.  Literally everything is closed on Friday and most places on Sunday too so there is absolutely nothing that I have to do outside of spending time with family.  It’s lovely to be able to get the whole family together (at least a couple times a year) and this weekend is one of those times.

Today (Friday) we have a bash planned at the farm.  All of my siblings (complete with assorted hangers-on!) will be in attendance as well as all of my children (including the one that I have claimed as my own, although he may say that I was foisted on him when his father married me!)  On Monday, workmen showed up to dig trenches for the water and hydro lines to the new house.  On Tuesday we got an inch of snow so nothing more was done, on Wednesday the workmen had other emergency work that they had to do so nothing got done.  Yesterday I went to the farm (to do some cleaning before company came over, natch!) and arrived to the sight of huge mounds of earth completely blocking the driveway and entrance to both houses along with equally massive trenches running what seemed like everywhere!  I couldn’t let the boys run around outside because the trenches were deeper than they are tall and I was really wondering what kind of party we were going to be able to have today!  Luckily, between the workmen and my dad (moving faster than I’ve seen him move in years!) they got the trenches filled and dirt flattened enough that we can let the kids play outside today.

Having had a busy enough day already (we had gone to get groceries for both the party and the few days after that the store would be closed, plus stopped to buy a birthday present for Big Boy whose party we decided to have today at the very last minute!) I did a fairly cursory job of tidying up the farmhouse.  I vacuumed, dusted and cleaned the bathroom but wasn’t inclined to try and find homes for all of the things that always seem to be sitting out (just waiting to be investigated by little hands!) Having had earth-moving equipment around all week meant that the most important thing I did was to get rid of the mud on the floor!  Finally we were done, I packed the boys in the van and we took a turn through the drive-thru for dinner (at 3:30!), went home, ate and I changed into my comfy clothes!  My husband had gone to work for the day at his old job (which he sometimes does on Fridays when he doesn’t have to work) so I hadn’t seen him all day but was expecting him home soon.  The phone rings and it’s my mom, “Your dad forgot!” “Forgot what?” “Swimming class tonight!” Oh, crap.  It wasn’t Friday already like I thought, it was only Thursday and the boys were due in the pool in 45 minutes.  Little Man had gotten dirty at the farm so was running around in his brother’s Mickey Mouse T-shirt, Big Boy was stretched out on the couch with the iPad watching someone else play video games and I was sitting there in my sweats contemplating having a glass of something (anything!) with liquor.  Hubby still wasn’t home and my mom said that Dad had his truck running with his swimming stuff in it, I told her to have him meet us at the pool and sprang into action.

My husband walked in the door five minutes later to the sight of me trying to convince Big Boy that he didn’t have time to have a poop (he takes at least 30 minutes!), chasing Little Man to try and get some pants on him while trailing my own pants over my shoulder yelling, “Come on boys, we’ve got to go!”  To his credit, when he asked me where we had to go and I told him I forgot about swimming class he didn’t even laugh a little at me (then) he just sprang into action and helped get pants, shoes and coats on the boys. (I was able to get my own pants on, thank you very much!)

On the way home from swim class (we made it with two minutes to spare!) I got a call from my mom wondering if anyone had remembered to pick up dinner rolls from the bakery. NOT MY DEPARTMENT! I had already taken care of fruit tray, veggie tray (store bought, I didn’t actually work at them!), Caesar salad, making the brine for the turkey (we’re deep-frying it for the first time ever), birthday present for her to give to Big Boy, delivering the brine, and cleaning the house.  After all that I had the swim class debacle and I really wasn’t prepared to give a crap about buns!  Logic kicked in though, the small town store had already closed and I live around the corner from a grocery store that very conveniently stays open until midnight.  I got the kids home, turned around and went back to the store for the second time that day. I had missed a call from my brother in Toronto but didn’t feel up to calling him back until I got home and was relaxing on the deck with a glass of wine.  He wasn’t available when I called so I figured it was nothing important and went on with my evening, got the kids to bed, got a snack and caught up with the week’s worth of shows that my husband and I usually spent the weekend watching.

Finally, it was time for bed.  Just as I was getting ready my brother called me back.  His girlfriend has to eat gluten-free which is new for our family, we have no problem making adjustments so that she’s not excluded but don’t know what to do.  I had called earlier in the week to get instructions on what, if anything, needed to be changed to make accommodations for her and of course he calls me back two hours before stores close.  As soon as he opened his mouth I thought, “Crap! I forgot to get gravy!” Knowing that we were deep frying the bird my husband had told me to remember gravy when I went to the store, he didn’t put it on the grocery list though. (To be fair, I didn’t actually check the grocery list either time that I was at the store!) Screw it, it was 10:30 at night, I went to the store in my pajamas.

So now, finally, it’s time to relax, get the laundry done so we have something to wear to the parties today and tomorrow, and play the new Disney Where’s My Water game.  There’s nothing that I can do anymore if we’ve forgotten something and I’m sure we’ll have a wonderful day nonetheless.   We’ll do Easter our own Scottish way (food, drink, target practice!) today and then tomorrow we’ll do it the Italian way with my husband’s family (45 people, homemade pasta, lots of wine!)

Whatever we eat, whatever we drink, wherever we are, this weekend is going to be about family and that’s more than enough for me!


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