It’s 4:00am, Do You Know Where My Toddler Is?

Why, yes! Yes, I do. He’s not in bed, he’s in the living room playing trains.

Would I like for him to be in bed? Why, no! No I wouldn’t actually.  He has spent the entire night fussing, crying and generally making sleep a miserable experience for the rest of us. At least out here he is being quiet so Big Boy can hopefully get some more sleep.(Everybody knows that Mama is accustomed to functioning with little or no sleep but a preschooler needs at least some rest!)  Neither boy is very good about sleeping alone so I’m not anticipating great success in anyone getting much more sleep tonight (except for hubby, who literally got home from work an hour ago)

Little Man has been feeling poorly for a few days, he had a fever Friday night but seems to be over that now, I have no idea what his problem is. Maybe he’s just punishing me for being gone so much these last couple of weeks. (I wish I could convince him that denying me sleep is not the best way to get back at me! Maybe I should let him be in charge of the wine, at least that I can live without and still be a pleasant human being)

I could probably have kept him in bed if I had let him continue to nurse (yes, my nearly 3-year-old is still nursing!) I can’t get him to stop nursing, it must be a comfort thing for him, he can’t be benefitting nutritionally anymore but I’m feeling more and more like a Jersey cow and it has to stop! I don’t want to make him feel any worse when he’s already suffering but I can only take so much and apparently I hit my limit just past 3:00 this morning after having him latched on all night!


So now it’s after 6:00, I got some “rest” laying on the couch while I listened to the little one playing.  Big Boy did go back to bed, alone, and got some more sleep but he’s up now, as is the sun, so I guess that means the day has officially begun!  Based on the smell emanating from Little Man I’m guessing that tummy trouble was his problem so hopefully we won’t get a repeat performance tonight (if we do I had better get to the coffee store and stock up on my K-cups!)

I just looked at the little information window that I have here and it says that I started writing this post at 3:33am, I honestly don’t think that I’ve seen that hour since I had an infant in the house! It should be interesting to see how this day plays out, maybe we’ll go to the farm and see how the construction is doing, they’re supposed to be starting on the garage today which is the last thing needed before we can move in.

Oh, crap!  I guess that means I’ve got some packing to do….never mind, I’m too tired.


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