My Mother’s Day


Happy Mother’s Day to all.  I really don’t get all that excited about it, maybe once my kids get a bit older and are in school where they will have some sort of art project to bring home but at this point they are too young to really understand so any specific Mother’s Day stuff comes right from my husband (who, I’m sure, thinks that I should be celebrated every day and feels that today is just meant to make the dads sweat!) or from my lovely step-son who, after all these years, has become genius at finding a perfect Mother’s Day card and merely inserting the word “step” in the appropriate place.  This year he got me a lovely plant as well as making me a special cup! (shown above, I’m pretty sure he thinks that I drink a whole lot more than I actually do, but then, he knows his brothers!)

I actually agree with my husband, in my mind Mother’s Day is what I call a “greeting card” day.  I don’t see how it really benefits anyone other than Hallmark!  I’m reasonably certain that most people think of their mother on more than one day per year with some degree of gratitude and for those that have lost their mother or never knew her it’s just a day that forces them to relive their loss.

This is my fifth Mother’s Day as a mother and the only difference from a normal day is that I usually woke up to a card, this year with my husband working nights and sleeping until noon I woke up to two little boys who wanted to go outside and play bubbles while the sun rose.  It’s the exact same way that we woke up yesterday, I enjoyed it then and I enjoyed it today, I will likely enjoy it for the next several days in fact!  Once bubbles had lost their appeal we came inside where I tidied up the kitchen, started the laundry and wrangled the boys into finding some quiet play so Daddy can sleep.  It’s just like any other day.

As a mom to young kids I would love to have a day off to indulge in myself and one day, when the kids are older, I will probably get that but to me, right now, Mother’s Day is a day for me to be a mother.  So I will go and wash clothes, cook breakfast, wipe runny noses, clean up messes, and watch soap bubbles glint in the sun.

Is that my ideal mother’s day?  I don’t know, I know that it’s my reality.  I also know that my kids love me every day of the year (they often interrupt me in the most inconvenient ways to tell me!) and I’m reasonably certain that my husband appreciates all that I do for our family (he’s a bit of a quiet guy and generally assumes that I can read his mind so I can choose to believe whatever I want!)

So Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there that will be having a very special day today, as well as to all the moms like me who will have a fairly normal day.  I believe that we are all appreciated every day and we need to remember that while we try and survive the piles of dirty laundry and dirty dishes, the crabby children and tired husband, the mess of toys and shoes and the reality of unspoken love and gratitude.



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