The Day After Mother’s Day

I have proof that my husband actually reads my posts! I am sitting here typing this post on my new iPad keyboard. (While eating a perfectly toasted bagel made in our new toaster, yes, a new toaster entered our lives on Mother’s Day!)


It’s just small but a lot better than trying to type as fast as I think on the touchscreen. Now I’ll be able to do my writing without interruption. I was perhaps wrong, I had to type that last sentence in two or three parts as each boy needed to have a turn with Mommy’s fancy new toy! Hopefully the novelty will wear off for them so that I can continue writing while at least pretending to keep an eye on them!

Today my husband and I had a good chat about how we are planning to accomplish this move. The last part of construction on the new house is being accomplished while we speak (sort of, we’re waiting for roof trusses to be delivered) so it won’t be long now before the boys and I can get ourselves and our stuff out of this place. (I determined long ago that a prerequisite to selling this house was for us to be gone, we make the biggest messes!) Now it looks like it will be a matter of a week or two before things will be ready for us to head out. After talking about how we’re running out of time and need to get started on some serious packing I am sitting here typing on my new toy while he is napping in the recliner! Obviously we need to work on our motivational skills.

My husband had initially wanted me to sort through everything before packing (why move stuff that we aren’t going to keep?) but I have managed to procrastinate long enough that now it’s become easier to just pack up everything and sort it at the other end when we’re not rushed. There have been four houses in our neighbourhood that have been listed and then sold within the last month, we don’t want to miss the real estate boat!

I was really hoping that we would be living in our new place by next weekend, I wanted to have our holiday farm party without having to leave! That’s not going to happen but now that summer is here there will be a holiday weekend (complete with farm party) every month until October so I’ve got lots of time.

I guess I should get up and throw some stuff in a box…it’s so nice outside though that I think I’ll sit on the deck and have a beer instead. Those blue mountains (we drink Coors Light) can be a pretty strong motivator!



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