Days of Wine and Roses? Try Beer and Pee

I’m pretty sure that it’s every parent’s dream to have a child spontaneously decide to become potty-trained.  After these last couple of days it’s looking like I may have scored the jackpot!

My littlest boy is now 2-1/2 years old, the last couple days he has very pointedly refused to wear a diaper.  This has happened before off and on so I wasn’t terribly surprised.  He is a lad with very strong opinions (and this was a battle that didn’t need to be fought) so I would let him get away with it.  Usually he would end up having a tiny accident and then allow me to diaper him (by “tiny” I mean miniscule, he’s always been a “dribbler.” I used to think that his bladder was the size of a chick pea!) but this time he has been determined to remain completely naked for the entire day.

There are lots of ways that toilet-training can be accomplished but I’ve always been a fan of the one where you let the kids stay naked for a couple days and they figure it out, at least the “number ones” during the daytime. (My little guy always wears a diaper at night, I’m not completely crazy, he sleeps with me!) I’ve been absolutely astonished at how quickly he seems to have figured it out, sort of.

Yesterday we spent most of the day outside on the back deck, peeing into the garden was something I used to get Big Boy on track. My cousin put me on to it, worked fantastically for her even though she lives in the city, her neighbours are apparently not shocked when they see her kid come running out the front door and spout into the bushes!  It worked great for me too and Little Man is accustomed to watching (and cheering!) his brother as he “waters” the garden, often I have had to undiaper the little one so he can have a turn too (drip, drip!) but he’s so excited whenever he tries it.  Since we were already outside and he was already naked I figured it was a good time to start him on the garden routine in earnest.  He understood but was happier to squat down in the water buckets we were playing with and have a go there.  One time he actually ran inside and into the bathroom (I’m thinking, “Score!”) but instead of climbing up onto the stool and sitting down on the potty he climbed into the bathtub, squatted down and let ‘er rip!  That was the first time I realized that he might actually be capable of “holding it” and really getting the hang of this potty thing.

After supper we had gone back outside to play in the water, Big Boy stayed inside to watch YouTube videos so Little Man and I were having a nice time, he was playing with his water cars and I was reading a magazine, drinking a beer and enjoying the sunshine.  After a little while he went inside to see what his brother was up to and since I didn’t hear any sounds of battle or carnage I stayed right where I was in the quiet peaceful sun.  A while later he came running back outside and climbed into the empty bucket (I have already packed our little pool for moving so we’ve been using Rubbermaid storage bins with an inch of water in them as “pools”, each boy gets their own and they’re okay with that) and started to pee, I was pretty impressed that he knew to run outside although I was confused about the storage bin! What made me really laugh though was when he stopped after a second and, just as I was about to start cheering, went and climbed into the bin containing water and had a substantial whiz into it!  I cheered for him, laughing the whole time!

Today has been much of the same, as long as I leave his little potty open in the middle of the living room he has no trouble using it.  He has chosen more than once today to run outside or into the bathtub (I would really prefer the garden as that I do not have to clean!) and I’ve just now looked over and noticed that the storage bins are both sitting in the living room, I’ll have to go and check them to see if they’ve been used when I wasn’t looking. 😦

Whether this is actually the beginning of the end of my diaper purchasing days or just a little test that he’s doing on himself I have absolutely loved the laughs that I’ve gotten watching him as he figures out where he wants to do his business…as well as all the smiles from watching that little bare bum prance around!


2 thoughts on “Days of Wine and Roses? Try Beer and Pee

  1. Ha! Awesome. I have never heard of “peeing into the garden” but then again I have two girls… so maybe it’s a boy thing.

    Glad you got some laughs and who knows, diaper purchasing days may soon, indeed, be over.

    Wishing you a lovely day.


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