Holiday Weekend Fun

We Canadians get to celebrate the start of summer a week earlier than the Americans.  Sometimes this works out great, when the sun is warm, the wind balmy and the beer cold.  This year wasn’t too bad, the beer was cold but so was the wind although it did die down in the evening so we could enjoy our fireworks without having to put our snowsuits on.

We had our annual “Farm Party” this year, a smaller but no less enthusiastic crowd was in attendance.  Over the years the parties have changed, as we now have little ones running around we have traded the skeet shooting and target practice for bike riding, the level of alcohol consumption has dropped somewhat (at least in the case of my sister and I who have to be conscious to care for our children!) but the stories, jokes and pranks still stay the same.  The boys and their cousin did really well, all three kids were still running around and playing happily when the fireworks were done at 10:00 (Bonus: the boys slept in until almost 9:00 the next morning!)

One thing that I always love about the long weekend is going back into the forest and seeing the trilliums.  The trillium is the official flower of Ontario, you are not allowed to pick them (we have transplanted a few but not often as it is rarely successful)  Most of the ones we have are white but occasionally I find a wonderful purple one that just seems more special since they are quite the minority.

photo 1photo 2

They really are lovely and to see whole clearings of them in the forest is quite a sight!


I took each of the boys back with me so they could see them too, they thought that the flowers were lovely but were more interested in continuing our ride on the four-wheeler and getting back to the party.

This year the fields have been planted with rye, the last few years they’ve been growing tobacco so we’ve had to keep the kids away, since they were allowed into the field they had a great time pretending to be explorers, by next week the rye will be taller than they are!

The boys and their cousin exploring the rye!

The boys and their cousin exploring the rye!

My father’s birthday usually falls right on the holiday weekend so our parties are part long weekend bash, part birthday celebration.  It makes my father feel pretty special as he always gets fireworks on his birthday!  This year the boys were able to sing along to “Happy Birthday” and help Papa blow out his candles (Well, Little Man and the Princess did.  For some reason that particular song when sung by a group of (largely inebriated) people scares the crap out of Big Boy)

A lot of people make it a priority to get their gardens in shape during this weekend, the stores are all closed on Monday but every single Garden Centre around is open and doing a roaring trade.  Other people take their boats down to the lake and get them ready for the summer, we have never had our boat ready this early but will sometimes be needed to help others out with the test drives!  This year we did neither, we spent Monday sitting on our deck listening to all the neighbours mow lawns, weed flower beds and lay down mulch.  My husband spent time doing some packing (I helped by “keeping the boys out of the way” which involved me sitting on the couch with them so that they didn’t go downstairs to investigate, tough work!)  Today, we’re back to normal (or as normal as things ever get around here!) I’m hoping to get myself in gear and get some work done around here but my roof trusses keep getting delayed so at this point our move date gets pushed back a week every week!  So maybe I’ll find some sort of little pool for the boys to play in on the deck and I can sit and watch them while I have a cold beer and remember our holiday weekend fun!

photo 3





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