Oh, For The Love Of…

My husband and I have been debating about purchasing a Nintendo Wii U lately.  The boys got the Disney Infinity game for their Wii for Christmas and absolutely love it but you can’t do everything with it that you can on other systems.  Now Disney has announced Infinity 2.0 which will not be available for the Wii (most other new games won’t be either) so we decided that we would get the Wii U.

Last night I took the boys out and got it, it came with two Mario games (score!) and I bought the Lego Movie game as well.  By the time we got it home and set up it was nearly bedtime so we didn’t do much with it at all.  This morning the boys woke up at 6:30 and the first thing Big Boy wanted to do was to play his new game.  We put on the Lego game (tried Mario last night but it was too hard for him to do himself) and I let him play it on the controller screen while Little Man watched his Mickey Mouse on the TV.  That game has not been turned off since! It’s going on 8 hours straight now, sometimes Little Man has a turn, sometimes Mommy gets a turn but Big Boy has been doing really well most of the time by himself, he’s solving puzzles, following directions and building lots of cool Lego stuff.

By the time Daddy woke up Little Man had tired of Mickey so we put Lego on the big screen.  Now, we’re all playing it! Big Boy has the new controller and we’ve hooked Daddy up with one of our old Wii controllers (which works fine) so the two of them are playing in tandem and call Mommy in to figure out the parts that stymie them.

We are never going to get anything done in this house ever again! 


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