Shout Out Award!

Thank you so much, mommyx4boys (Trying To Make Things Right) for the Shout Out Award!


I am truly honoured.  This award was created by Amanda (From One Crazy Life To Another) and is a wonderful way to acknowledge other bloggers whose work we enjoy and want to bring attention to.

In my blog I tend to recount amusing anecdotes from my life at home with my boys, or provide commentary on things in the world that I feel need a response (Hello, John Stamos debacle!) and sometimes I just make fun of my mom (see The Mystery of the Missing Keys)

I would like to pass this award on to the following bloggers:

1.  Behind The White Coat  This woman is a mother and a doctor, I find her stories very interesting and her take on life as a mother with the doctor perspective never fails to interest me.

2.  Chase and Chance Ranch  This lady has some amazing recipes (that really appeal to a kitchen idiot like me!) as well as lovely pictures and inspirational quotes.  Her world is very similar to what mine will become shortly (living on a farm except she actually grows things and has animals, I’m just in it for the space!)

3.  HarsH ReaLiTy  Jason, the Opinionated Man, is a well known blogger whose goal is to offend everyone at one point.  I’m still waiting for him to offend me and I enjoy reading his mixture of opinions, poetry and blogging tips.  He posts frequently and always has lively discussions going on.

4.  Hi  This young woman is new to the blogging world and is chronicling her journey to motherhood as a young woman.  She has posted a variety of things and I am already very interested in following her story.

5.  Chapter TK  I find this young woman’s posts to be thought provoking and interesting.  I always enjoy her “Stream of Consciousness” posts as they show a completely unfiltered view into her mind!

I would also like to make an honourable mention to Mrs. Ipokolypse at 21st Century Friendship, she has already been nominated for this award most deservedly!

To accept this award and pass it on the others just save the picture, write a bit about yourself and the other bloggers whom you choose to pass the award on to!


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