Summer “Must” List


My summer “must” list includes the following:

1.  I must move  I don’t mean physical fitness (“Gym” is a four-letter-word in my world) My new house has been sitting there since February waiting for the weather to warm up so we can move in.  Things are a lot closer now but it seems like every week I hear the same thing, “It’ll only be another couple weeks now.”

2.  I must pack for the move  See above.  I’m not going to get too worried about packing stuff up until I know for sure that I will be able to unpack it sometime in the near future.  I packed up my summer clothes a month ago figuring that I wouldn’t need them until after the move and then it got really warm and humid so I had to find the box with my shorts and empty it out.

3.  I must stock up on coolers  Last summer there was nearly a strike at the LCBO (government controls our liquor stores) so I went and bought about 80 coolers, they lasted me until after Christmas and I didn’t have to return to a liquor store all summer (they are especially crazy on Sunday!)

4.  I must remember to shave my legs  Between being pregnant (and not able to see or reach your legs) and then caring for a newborn (when you’re lucky to shower at all!) I was quite remiss in the smooth leg department.  You would think, now that the boys are toddlers, that I would have remedied this situation by now but I have had to leave the house so seldom that it didn’t seem to be worth the hassle (I’m sure my husband would have appreciated a little more effort though!)

5.  I must drink more beer  See #3  I love me a nice Pineapple Cooler but can’t forget the joy of an ice cold beer on a hot summer day.  Plus, beer takes up less room in a cooler so it’s the drink of choice for a day out on the lake!

6.  I must get out on the lake more  Not only for the beer (although that’s a strong motivator) but because we have a very cool boat that the boys love (almost as much as their daddy!) They also love going splashing in the water (which I may need something stronger than beer to prepare for, the lake will likely stay pretty cold through much of the summer this year) and I want them to learn to be comfortable and safe around the lake.  It played a big part in my childhood and I want the same for my kids.

7.  I must keep my kitchen clean  Really, you would think this one was a no-brainer but honestly, my kitchen looks worse now that I’m trying to keep it clean than it did before! It’s becoming more and more clear that this house will never get sold as long as I am living in it.  Once I move I’m hoping that it will be easier to keep clean something that starts out pristine…here’s hoping anyway.

8.  I must get Little Man to stop nursing  He’s 2-1/2 years old, why does he think this is cool?  I have no idea, he knows what empty means and I saying I’m empty but nature (darn her!) keeps filling me back up and proving me a liar.

9.  I must teach Big Boy essential skills for starting school  Things like how to pull his own pants up, how to dry his hands (he can wash fine but seems confused by the towel concept), how to eat something other than cheese & pickle or hot buttered toast (I doubt the classroom has a toaster) and how to not cry when a smaller kid hollers at him (he’s 4, looks like he’s 6 and breaks down every time his little brother yells at him)

10.  I must get the little one toilet trained  It’s been 4 years, I’m done with diapers and what better time to let a kid run around naked than the summer.  He’ll figure it out quick enough (he can very nearly change a tire on his own already, this should be a cinch!)

There are probably a thousand other things that I “must” do as well but I think I’ll leave them for autumn.



3 thoughts on “Summer “Must” List

  1. Ha! This is great! I love the “I must shave my legs”… oh my goodness, I identify with the whole pregnant, then dealing with a newborn, unable to take care of oneself thing!

    I hope you’re able to accomplish all of your musts!

    Thanks for sharing (and for linking up to the SHINE Blog Hop).

    Wishing you a lovely day.


  2. Fun list! I’m with on the leg-shaving…ever since I had my son that grooming activity has taken a backseat. Stopping by from the Shine Blog Hop!


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