An Organized Mother

So not me!  I don’t do lists, I don’t Pinterest for nifty shelves to hold all our treasures, I always thought that DIY was a drinking violation of some sort.

My sister updated her Facebook status today with a picture of her work schedule for this month.  Over half of her shifts are the evening shift so she stated that today’s plan was to fix up a meal schedule and get groceries for it.  It was such a simple thing but absolutely blew me out of the water! That level of organization is foreign to me, I think she inherited all of the available organizational genes that our parents had to dole out.

I truly thought that when I became a mother there would be some magical ability bestowed upon me to keep track of everything.  Sadly, there was no such supernatural transfer of power.  Most days I feel like we’re living in a state of semi-controlled chaos and by the time evening comes around I find myself sighing with relief and offering up a small prayer that we have survived the day.

Case in point: my sister’s above-mentioned meal schedule.  Most nights I have no idea what we’ll have for dinner until about 3 minutes after the kids get hungry.  Then I end up doing the most insane thing, I ask the kids what they want for dinner.  “McDonald’s! Toast! Pizza! Pickles!” (My children have very narrow palettes)  I always assumed that we ended up in this situation because I don’t cook, have a very narrow palette myself and just generally distrust myself in the kitchen.  I’m now starting to think that it’s a direct result of a scheduling conflict on the part of the organizational fairy.

Trying to get out the door is like a Vaudeville routine around here too. We do the shoe dance constantly; looking for, locating, learning to don. All this while I run around gathering up diaper bag, juice cups, small toys for distraction, purse, keys, coffee, etc. Inevitably the boys will finally be in the car, Daddy will be pulling the van out of the garage and I’ll end up running back in the house a couple times for snacks, sunglasses, grocery bags, something! The worst part about this is that I actually have a shelf by the door where all of these things are meant to be kept, it’s like the organizing gods bestowed just enough to tease me and make me think that organization is an achievable goal in my life!

Just in case you think that I’m totally clueless, I do have one area of my life where I am truly organized, more so than most people (which I know for a fact!)  My music folder is always, always alphabetized.  Since I play so many different instruments (sometimes in the same concert!) I have to keep my music in order or I will end up playing flute when I should be drumming or viola when I should be oboeing (?).  If you’ve ever played in a concert band or orchestra you will know that often the drummers are the last people to be ready to play as they try and get music, maracas, drumsticks, whistles, xylophones and the odd cow bell ready to play.  I’m proud to say that I rarely make the group wait for me!  Not to say it never happens, but it’s rare.

So why can’t I apply this concept to the rest of my life?  I have no clue, I try, I really do, but I just can’t seem to make a plan and then stick to it.  I honestly never thought that I would become this kind of mom, my own mother seemed to always know who needed to be where and when, with the proper equipment, food, paperwork, etc.  I don’t know how she did it and for some strange reason have never asked.  I know she had a list on the wall of what was in the downstairs freezer so that she didn’t let anything go to waste.  That seems like a good tip, I should try that…no wait! I designed the new house with room upstairs for the freezer so I would dodge that bullet.

Maybe I really do have some organizational abilities that only apply when I’m designing a new house…or playing music. Perhaps I should stick to that from now on, my kids will grow to be well-rounded adults if I put all of life’s lessons to music, right?

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11 thoughts on “An Organized Mother

  1. I used to be disorganized but it kind of shifted for me. Maybe with age I needed more sanity and structure. Needless to say, I am always told how organized I am… I now dislike that I’m SO organized. I wish I could loosen up a little.

    Thanks for sharing (and for linking up to the SHINE Blog Hop).

    Wishing you a lovely day.


  2. It comes with time sometimes. I have always been organized but I did not start meal planning until my kids started school. Now most nights I have lunches on the counter along with the crockpot or meal preparations for the next day. If not, then Pizza or Chinese it is!!


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