Now That’s a Broken Day!

What is it with my family?

Yesterday Daddy was needed to help Papa get our new garage floor ready for concrete so he left early to go to the farm.  The plan had been to do yard work around here this weekend, (my thumbs are so not green!) we haven’t done any since probably last spring.  The weeds needed to go, there is edging to be done and then the never ending mulching!  The boys and I started working on it in the morning, I ended up pulling out thistles that were taller than me, as well as last year’s old dried up thistles.  I really should get more on top of this gardening stuff.

I hadn’t planned on taking the boys to the farm, there was far too much going on there with the tractor moving piles of gravel, the shovels spreading it out and then the masher stomping it all down.  They would have been delighted and just gotten in the way.

Just as the boys were having their dinner I got an SOS text message from the farm.  My brother’s girlfriend had smashed the screen on her iPhone and needed our spare (we always keep at least one spare phone in case of emergency!) so I hustled the boys into the van to go on a rescue mission.  Little did I know…

We arrived at the farm to find the garage work done and everyone just sitting around.  Big Boy proudly carried the spare iPhone over and said, “You broke your phone, this needs battery.”  She was delighted to have a loaner, the boys were delighted to have rescued their “Reena” (I’m still not sure how Little Man came up with that name but it’s starting to stick, I heard my mother call her that last night!) We sat around talking (getting more and more hungry with not one of us even attempting to make food!) for a few hours until GranNan came home (we coerced her into bringing food!) and then visited some more.  We finally have working plumbing in the new house so Big Boy had to go in and have a go at the “new house potty.”

As the sun went down it got quite chilly, the boys were starting to get tired, I was tired from gardening and Daddy was tired from doing gravel all day.  Since we had two vehicles I told him to just go home and shower, I would follow with the boys (all he could taste was dirt!) so he left and I started to corral the boys into jammies.

Then my  brother comes roaring up to the house on the four-wheeler, he had left his keys on the back of our truck (which was heading for the highway by then!)  I quickly texted and called my husband to stop and see if the keys were still there (he didn’t answer the phone, he was driving!) as Reena and I started walking down the driveway searching for the keys (I’m not sure what our plan was, were we going to walk the 20 miles to my house?)  I got a call from my husband, he had already stopped to look on the truck, the keys weren’t there but he thought he knew where they might have fallen so was going back to look.

My brother was way down the road on the four-wheeler so we called him back and told him where to go to start looking but before he could head out our truck came around the corner with keys hanging out the window!  Somehow my husband had noticed something weird at that exact spot and was able to locate the keys without difficulty.  The key fob was smashed up and a few keys were bent all to hell (obviously someone ran over them) but they were all present and accounted for.

The difficulty was that there were two sets of keys so he went back to look for the second set.  Reena and my brother were to follow and I was going to walk back to the farm and continue getting the boys out of there.  Then the four-wheeler ran out of gas.

Let me tell you, that thing weighs a ton!  Reena was in charge of steering (she doesn’t drive but is the lightest so we forced her to keep it going in a straight line) and we were doing pretty well at moving this thing along (we were on a slight downgrade on a paved road, I really shouldn’t be too impressed with myself) when I see Papa’s truck come out to join in the search.  He pulled up next to us, told us we were idiots for not just switching to the reserve tank (it had been on reserve since it came back from the repair shop but nobody had checked so there was no reserve left!) and then proceeded to allow us to use the gas can in the back of the truck to get it home.

Reena & I headed back to the farm while the guys went off in the truck to look for the keys.  By the time they met up the keys had been located (100 yards away from the first set!) intact and undamaged.  Apparently they had not been run over by a car!

I got the boys into their jammies and into the van (Papa needed to help, Little Man absolutely screams now every time we leave the farm.  He also directs my turns when we leave our house and gets very upset if we don’t take the proper route to the farm!)  They, of course, fell asleep before we even hit the highway so I had a lovely drive home (being able to listen to my own radio stations is quite a treat!) and I was met by a clean, showered husband who helped unload the kids (who stayed asleep for the transfer which has maybe happened twice before!)  We were then able to sit, watch MasterChef and enjoy some popcorn.

What started out as a rather poor evening actually turned out quite nice!  Today we must prepare for a farm birthday party tomorrow (baby brother turns 29!) which will hopefully not include all of the drama from yesterday (but likely will, as often happens with farm parties!) but will include some barbecue (ribs, chicken, tenderloin!), some drinks, and some laughter.  We can do without breaking anything (Little Man knows where to find, and loves, Papa’s hammer though) or running anything out of gas so maybe we’ll stick to bicycle riding and croquet.  After all, what could happen when we drink too much and start playing with really big sticks?


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