3 Days is Too Many!


Apparently 3 uninterrupted days in the company of only my children is my limit.

Tonight, after supper, I caved. We went to the dollar store, spent $13 and got bubble blowers, water guns and a couple of trucks. I also got a barbecue doohickey for my husband to try and avoid him getting angry at me for bringing more stuff into this house!

I actually do understand why we don’t want more stuff here, we’ll hopefully be moving in the next two weeks and have been fighting a seemingly endless battle to get things packed and ready to go. It’s tough when you still use most everything every day but I likely could have made more of an effort!

My reasoning behind tonight’s purchases are thus:
1. I did not have orchestra practice this week which means that I missed out on two whole hours of kid free time. It doesn’t sound like much but there is a highly accurate mathematical formula which calculates exactly what that does to a mother’s state of mind:

# of kid free hours missed x time of day this tragedy occurred (using 24 hour time)

+ 700 if you had to do a bedtime that you otherwise would have missed

x the number of drinks that you needed to get through the extra kid time

÷ 60 minutes

This formula actually calculates out how long each hour (after the missed kid free hour) lasts up until the weekend starts and the husband is around for more than a few hours a day.

Therefore, when I do the math it turns out that every hour since last night has seemed to last 124.8666 minutes to me, ergo it should be Friday afternoon (Miller time!) by my reckoning.

2. These toys are from the dollar store! I do not care if they get lost in the move, break before the weekend (as long as they last until bedtime actually I’m good), fall off the deck into the toy abyss that is my garden or otherwise fail in any way tomorrow morning. If Daddy is really upset then I can easily throw them in the trash without a twinge of guilt (although I doubt the boys will let go of the water guns without a fight!)

3. I knew that I would be home with the boys all week and already tried some retail distraction by buying “The Lego Movie” and the first “How To Train Your Dragon” for them. I figured they would lull the boys into a stupor and make it easier to get them to bed. Just as we finished making dinner the other night we lost our power in a storm and it didn’t come on for hours. Once we finally got around to watching the movies the boys couldn’t care less for the most part. I figure that what I spent tonight on (highly distracting) toys for them was less than even one of those movies!

So now the kids have been happily chasing each other around the deck for over an hour, they’re starting to tire themselves out, I’ve had a few minutes of peace to tidy the kitchen and have a cooler (as well as write this post so I won’t have to go over it again with my husband in the morning!) so now I can get the boys clean, dry and jammied up for bed, put on a Tinkerbell movie (guaranteed to calm the boys down in this house…all the boys!) and hopefully get them to bed before I fall asleep!


12 thoughts on “3 Days is Too Many!

  1. Love dollar store toys – and for just the reasons you mentioned! 😀
    We are looking at moving in the near future and I’ve already planned to have a fair size box of some of those toys for my 2 yr old, as a distraction, when he wants to go “home.”
    Hope the move goes well for you guys!


  2. anything having to do with water keeps the kids busy!! I have my three year old nephew overnight tonight and he sprayed the hose for an hour while I cleaned stalls. He gave everything including all the rocks “a drink” he said.


  3. I love Dollar store toys for the reasons you listed. We take them to the farm, it they break we pitch them and buy new ones. Good math calculations, I’ve spent a pile of time by myself with the kids over the past week. I need a break!


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