TV Dreams

An old post of mine got me thinking.  I figured it would be pretty cool if my son ended up having a career as the “Price is Right” announcer, upon further reflection I think there are some other TV characters that I wouldn’t mind having my kids grow up to be.


First on my list is Abby from NCIS.  (It may seem strange for me to want my boys to grow up to be a 6′ tall goth chick but bear with me here!)  For those who don’t know Abby is the forensic scientist who runs the lab.

One of the things that I admire most about Abby is that she really, really loves her job. Nothing gives her more satisfaction that using all of her skills to break open the case and help to catch the bad guy. She seems to be constantly looking for new things to learn and takes a fair amount of childlike glee in solving the mysteries that she is presented with.

What I most admire about this character is that she is so good at her job that nobody tells her how to do it. She knows her own worth and is not shy about making sure that others know it too. It’s not a power trip of any kind, she is just so confident in herself and her abilites. Whatever my boys decide to do with their lives, I want them to have as much passion, confidence and drive as Abby does.


Still on the NCIS theme (can you tell what my current favourite show is?) I really wouldn’t mind if my boys grew up to be just like Dr. Mallard. He’s the doctor who does the autopsies.

First of all, he has a dreamy British accent and turn of phrase. (I do love me a British accent!) but more importantly, he has the British manners. He is the quintessential gentleman, well mannered and well spoken.  He has an impeccable demeanor, unimpeachable work ethic and he let his mother live with him in her doting old age!

Moving on to another Bellisario production, JAG, I would pick the character of Lt. Bud Roberts.


This guy started out at the bottom (I guess not quite, he was an officer after all) and worked his way through law school to become one of the top lawyers at JAG. Along the way he met, married and had kids with the perfect girl for him. He also tragically lost part of his leg to a land mine (which I would never want to have happen to my kids) but his journey to acceptance was quite remarkable.

This character is one of the nicest, most affable and smartest goofs I’ve seen on TV. He’s easy to root for and effortless to love, not bad qualities that I could wish for my boys!


Perhaps surprisingly, my other character pick from that show would be Major Sarah MacKenzie.  She has a difficult-to-tap but surprisingly deep well of love to give, she’s excellent at her job which she does with dignity and she knows how to take care of herself without being a bully.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  There is a lot on television that isn’t meant to necessarily represent real life, rather, a (possibly) attainable level of happiness and success if we dare to dream.  I sincerely hope that my boys will grow up to learn that fame and fortune aren’t necessarily the only dreams worth having, a partner that you love who loves you back, a job that you enjoy and look forward to doing every day, and a healthy dose of self-confidence to get you through the tough spots will (hopefully) be dreams that can, and will, come true.


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