Things Are Sure Different Now!

We moved to the new house a couple of days ago. The first night we had lawn chairs in front of the television, no fridge or stove (or microwave even!) but we did have our bed. The boys had been bathing in the new house for a while and love the “magic” tub so I figured they would be fine with the move. I’m thinking that I may have been slightly mistaken…

The first night the boys had gone to bed late (we were having a party that had nothing to do with us moving) and just as I was getting ready for bed Big Boy woke up crying, squirming and gagging. Thank our lucky stars that we designed an en suite bath! He didn’t throw up but sure looked like he was going to for a few minutes. We got him settled and went to bed ourselves only to be wakened a few short hours later by the grand-daddy of all thunderstorms.

My husband actually slept through the first part of it but woke up when the power went off. I knew we were in a new place when he was freaked out by the flashing blue light in the bathroom combined with the sirens going off outside! The blue light was merely the light on the ventilation switch flashing to alert us that there was no power (like we cared at 3:00am!) and the sirens were the tobacco kilns at the farm across the street. Neither of these things have been in our life before and seemed to be extra different in the middle of the night!

Just as we were settling back down the workshop behind the house got hit by lightning. I have never been that close to a lightning strike before and really don’t want to again! Of course we had to get out of bed again and check to make sure nothing was on fire because right then we didn’t know where it hit, just that it was somewhere in the immediate vicinity.

In the morning we awoke to find that the Internet receiver had been hit and was fried along with two of the three satellite TV receivers and one television. All of this carnage happened on the old side of the house so we still had our TV and movies for the boys. In fact, I’m still not sure about the repair timeline for the Satellite TV but the Internet around here is going to be out for the next ten days! I don’t know how many times I’ve had to tell Big Boy that he can’t watch Stampy Cat (read about their relationship here) because the internet is broken but he’s only stopped asking in the last hour. I know I’ve got a sort of love/hate relationship going on with the internet but I’ve realized how much I was depending on it’s presence to ease the transition to the new home.

Little Man doesn’t seem to be as affected thus far. He has been asleep in the van every time we’ve dashed back to the old place to pick up more stuff, I have a sneaky suspicion that he is already starting to forget about it. Either that or he’s just an incredibly adjustable little kid! Big Boy has always chosen to stay in the van while we grab things but he certainly knew where we were, he still refers to the new place as “the new house” even if he’s just asking to go inside from the garage.

I’ve already brought quite a few of their toys over to make them feel comfortable. We now have a microwave and bar fridge so it’s not quite like camping anymore but they’re definitely in an adjustment period. I knew it could be a difficult time for them but didn’t think any problems were likely since we moved to a place that was already familiar to them. I neglected to realize that just because it was familiar to them didn’t mean that it was familiar as their own.

As far as they knew until a little while ago this was Papa and GranNan’s house that they would visit but then leave. Big Boy has nearly completely lost his appetite which isn’t a huge deal as he’s built like a tank. It’s him that I’m definitely more concerned about. He’s old enough to understand that things are different now but not quite old enough to be able to process the rationale behind it. Little Man is young enough that as time passes he will almost certainly forget our old house, and young enough that he’s completely enthralled by the construction tools strewn about in our in-process garage so therefore doesn’t want to be anywhere else!

In all honesty it’s likely a good thing to remove the boys from their internet and iPads for a few days, it’ll be good for them to relearn how to play with non-electronic toys and make friends with nature (neither of which is something that Mommy wants to do!) as long as we can get a few days without monster thunderstorms!

I am settling down a bit more too, that should help the boys adjust. For someone who hates cooking as much as I do I am surprisingly bereft without a working kitchen! The only food stuffs that I have here are dry goods and the few things that I can fit in a bar fridge. I was thrilled today when our toaster was brought over from the new house! Now I can make toast, pickle and cheese sandwiches and…nothing else. That’s still more than I could yesterday though so things are improving. I do have some dishes and cutlery so if I decide to walk all the way across the garage to the stove and cook something I can at least serve it in my new kitchen (we can’t really eat it here yet since we have no table or chairs!) and then I can clean up the dishes in my new dishwasher.

We had the realtor in to the old place today to tell us what repairs/upgrades/etc. would need to be done before we list the house and, luckily, he said all we had to do was tidy up the still unpacked boxes and get the clutter cleared away. He’s coming back on a few days to put it on the market. Now that the boys and I are gone from there (other than flying visits) it will be ridiculously easy to get it super spiffy for showings!

We spent all winter waiting to move, you’d think I maybe would have planned it a little better! Now we’ll just settle in as best we can while we wait for a) the old house to sell so I can get my major appliances and b) the basement here to get finished so we can actually get fully unpacked and put things in their proper places!




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