The first week – recap

Well. We’ve been in the new house for one whole week now. Tonight will be our eighth sleep here, hopefully it will be the first that isn’t interrupted by puking preschoolers, tetchy toddlers, lightning strikes, thunderstorms, insane tobacco kiln sirens or underperforming air conditioning!

We have managed to bring a remarkable amount of our stuff over from the old place (a feat complicated by the fact that we must have the old place look “lived in” to sell it properly) but I can in no way say that we’re starting to look like home. Every day has seen an influx of boxes, pails, garbage bags and various other receptacles full of “stuff” that we find ourselves needing. Every day I have tried my best to unpack or at least find homes for these things so it doesn’t look like we’re camping (albeit in style!)

As you can see, I haven’t been very successful! 😜

Whatever was wrong with my Big Boy seems to have run it’s course, today he’s been completely crazy running around, talking non-stop, jumping from one game to the next and generally annoying anyone who comes within ten feet of him.

Yesterday we had a big family cleaning “bee” at our old place. My parents and my sister graciously agreed to lend a hand with what turned out to be a truly monumental task. They did a fantastic job, I was largely in charge of watching the children and moving already-packed boxes into trucks, trailers, cars and vans. My cleaning prowess was deemed to be less-than-satisfactory by my mother and sister. After the first bathroom that I cleaned took my sister an hour to clean properly I figured that I could find more constructive ways to help.

The boys were at a bit of a loss, most of their toys had been moved already although all of the toys that had been in the basement (therefore played with only rarely) had been gathered together in one room so they were able to rediscover a lot of fun things to do while staying in one contained area, genius!

I can tell that even though the boys say that they love our new house both of them are having a tricky time adjusting. Neither one of them seems to think that the new house is capable of producing hot buttered toast, when I make it they just let it sit until I end up throwing it away. One day when we were at the old place I offered them toast and it got gobbled up faster than I’ve ever seen! Little Man doesn’t think that naps are allowed in the new place either, he hasn’t had a nap here all week. The first time we spent the day at the old house though he napped for a solid three hours! He was on the couch and slept soundly through me vacuuming right beside him as I cleaned up (which got cleaned again by my sister and mother later on too!)

I also believe that they think because we live in the country now that it’s okay for them to act like animals! The lovely manners that they had are completely absent, neither one of them listens to a word I say and they’ve both started acting out in public which they very rarely used to do (I was always pleased that the world seemed to think they were wonderful children even if I knew differently!) Even my mother, who would never speak ill of the boys, has noticed a marked regression in their behaviour. I can only hope that the novelty of the new house wears off soon, otherwise I’ll be spending a lot of time running to the liquor store in town!

Granted, it has been a far-from-normal week. I had to deliberately plan one day where we could stay at home (the new one) so the boys could start to learn what normal life will be like from now on. We played a roaring game of hide-and-seek to help them familiarize themselves with the new layout, sat and snacked while watching their favourite movies and all had a swim in the new tub together. Unfortunately, that was only one day. The other days were spent at least partly at the old house packing more boxes or out at various stores buying fans, lights, a couch, a fridge or any of the other boatload of things that need to be replaced when one moves.

Tonight the boys had to send Daddy back to work, his holidays are over now and he’s gone for bedtime for the next few days. I was doing pretty well, I wanted to get the boys back into a somewhat normal routine. Rather than staying up until 10:00 at night I thought that they should be in bed by 8:30 and was in line to achieve that. Then Papa came in to say goodnight and the boys woke straight up (they really love their Papa!), Big Boy has settled down and is in bed now but Little Man had gotten his power nap in and will likely be awake until midnight or so.

I guess that I’ve been so focused on getting the boys accustomed to living here that I’ve forgotten about the rest of the people involved. We all have adjustments to make and it will take time but things will all settle down eventually. I’m sure that I’ll be much more amenable to adjustment once I get some more furniture and appliances!


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