Camping in the New House!

We have definitely been doing some strange version of camping thus far in our new house.
– Half our stuff is here, half is still in the old house
– The stuff here is mostly in boxes and bags that I dig through all day to find various things we need
– We have access to a fantastic pantry which is mostly empty because we have no way of cooking anything that should reside in said pantry
– We have a bar fridge to hold milk and juice but I don’t trust it for much past that so have been buying fresh fruit for the boys every day (healthy, I know, but also annoying)
– Also, the freezer in the bar fridge is capable only of freezing small things like Freezies, it will not actually freeze a Bacardi Breezer slushie (which is my new most favourite drink ever!) which, in my opinion, makes it useless!
– An en suite bath is a lovely idea but is not meant to be the main bathroom for a family of four (especially when it has extra boxes still waiting to be unpacked!)
– When the new fridge came after not having one for two weeks I got inordinately happy
– My first instinct when I see the boys running to play “castle” on the gravel pile is to say “Have fun!” – until I remember that I don’t actually have a washing machine in my laundry room!
– I have lost each boy at least once. Usually Big Boy will be found in the old part of the house so I don’t worry too much. Little Man will quite happily saunter around the entire 100 acres of property if allowed so I start to freak out a bit when I can’t find him!
– My previously stated ambivalence about the Internet has been justified. We still don’t have internet access here and I’m getting quite cranky about it which makes me feel slightly sick that I care so much!
– I left my red wine in the old house to give the place some class, which just means that I don’t have any here for these chilly summer nights
– I feel so much better having my regular, full-sized Keurig than I did when I used my travel size one. Maybe it’s just that the coffee is hotter now but it seems to taste better!
– My sister has been keeping my spirits up by sending me inspirational text messages:


They make me realize that I didn’t pack my copy of “Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman” (largely because she’s borrowed it!)
– I find myself constantly wanting to watch one of the movies that are still on the shelf at the old place. All I have to amuse myself is a boatload of Disney Junior, Dora and Thomas DVDs.
– We decided not to baby-proof the new house, no stair gates, no cabinet locks (cleansers are stored on a super high shelf that I’m sure they’ll figure out eventually but not any time soon!) so the boys have improved remarkably on their stair skills in just a week
– When we first came here there was still construction dust everywhere! My new vacuum has been a godsend, I’ve used it every day and the boys love to use it too. Big Boy vacuumed the entire house all by himself today and thought it was a great game!
– The entire outside of the house is dirt right now (we may get grass by autumn but I’m not holding my breath) so the boys need to wear shoes when they go outside. Big Boy can now put his own sandals on as well as take them off! Considering he’s starting school in 7 weeks I think it’s high time that he mastered that skill (building a house is a rather expensive way to accomplish this though, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone else!) Little Man has been rocking his rubber boots every day because they’re the only ones he can do on his own.
– The most annoying thing about our new house (in my opinion) is the fact that since we now share space with 4 other adults (as well as however many workmen who have business around here!) I now have to properly dress myself before stepping outside of the house! Considering how many times per day that I have to go outside to access the big fridge, the stove, the washer and dryer or the trailer where more boxes are stored it means that I can’t get away with even an hour free from restrictive undergarments!


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