Today is just another day – Part 1

Happy birthday to meReally, it is. I’ve done laundry, submitted my resume for a part-time job, changed the sheets on the bed, waited anxiously for my husband to return from an overnight delivery run to Iowa, tended the children, and turned another year older.

Let’s start this story yesterday…I had a doctor’s appointment that necessitated me leaving the house just after 7:00am for a 9:00am appointment. (Living far away from civilization does have it’s drawbacks.)  I was dreading the early morning wake-up so much (I haven’t set an alarm in four years!) that I left my Keurig on all night just so I wouldn’t have to wait that endless 90 seconds for the water to warm up in the morning.  I made it to my appointment with plenty of time to spare but was happily surprised to be seen exactly when I was supposed to be!  My appointment was done by 9:30 and I then went to the lab for some bloodwork.  This lab is not new to me, I was seen at this hospital all through both pregnancies so I know how slow they are. (It’s expected, and I don’t mind waiting my turn although it’s tough to listen to all those poor kids that really don’t like to have blood drawn.)

When I got to the lab my number was only 10 past the number they were working on so I was hopeful.  Obviously it’s been a while since I’ve gone there.  I waited over an hour and a half for my number to be called, during which time a fire broke out down the hall and they had to lock the place down.  Nobody in, nobody out.  The people before me who had been waiting just as long were finally done but couldn’t leave because of the fire!  I felt bad for them.  As I was in the back getting fed on by the vampire lady (who was really very nice, you just never know for sure what they do with all that blood!) the all-clear sounded so at least I didn’t have to wait once I was done.

Leaving the hospital I headed for the highway only to discover that my on-ramp was closed due to construction (that has been going on since I was pregnant with my firstborn!) so I followed the detour signs which led me down the street in the opposite direction to the way I wanted to be going until the street ended at a dead-end.  Luckily my snazzy van has GPS in it so I was able to figure out where I was and get back heading in the correct direction.

I had to stop in town to renew my license plate sticker (since I had left it to the last minute!) and it was only after I had been standing in line for 10 minutes that I realized I hadn’t filled out the form at all.  Back outside I went to call my stepson (who’s driving it right now) so I could get the odometer reading and insurance information.  By the time I went back inside the line had grown exponentially so I had to wait another half hour or so.

By the time I got home I was missing my boys terribly (only one had been awake when I left) and I was exhausted.  So what did I do?  Hugged my babies and then went to help their father pour concrete.  We finally got our deck permit and had dug the post holes but then had to wait an entire weekend before the inspector came out to look at dirt and say, “Okay, carry on.”  My husband, being the man that he is, was determined to get that cement poured before he had to leave for work.  He got it done and we ended up having a nice, quiet half-hour with the kids watching “Handy Manny” together.

As it was time to get ready for work and the weather was beautiful I though that I would take the boys into town and let them play at the splash pad in our park.  They had a fantastic time playing on the slide and swings the other day and I decided to go there more often so Big Boy could meet some of the kids that he’ll see at school (hoping that it would make him more comfortable) so we put on their bathing suits and headed out as Daddy was off to work.

Twenty minutes into our park play I got a phone call, “Hi sweetie, do you know precisely where my passport is?” I was confused.  It turns out that he was maybe going to have to drive to Iowa and deliver parts that hadn’t made it into the shipment that went out last week.  GranNan was doing her best to get UPS to take the parts but it wasn’t looking good.  I told him the two places that the passport might be and then waited to hear back from him to find out if I would be waking up alone on my birthday or not!

He ended up going, I ended up waking up without him this morning (although I wasn’t alone since the boys sleep with us) and the rest of the story can wait until tomorrow…

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