Just Another Day – Part 2

Happy birthday to me

My birthday card from the kids. Hint: I made it.

It really is just another day.  The boys sang to me before we even got out of bed and then had me help (read: create) them make a birthday card for me.  It went up on the fridge and the boys went on with their day.  No big deal.

I’ve always liked being fussed over for my birthday but I find that as I get older (and more self-sufficient) there isn’t as much fussing necessary anymore.  My mom knows me, she gave me a bottle of lavender bubble bath (with the promise of an hour’s peace from the boys to enjoy the new spa tub) and a bottle of booze (one of the Bacardi coolers that routinely stock the shelves of our fridges).  It was a very nice gift, and the only one I got until my husband got home from his road trip with his truck-stop gifts for me! (American smokes and an ashtray for the front porch.  Don’t judge me, I was excited!)

Looking back now I think that I truly have gone country if my birthday haul consists of smokes, liquor and soap (for the once-yearly bath?)  Funny enough, it is only about once per year that I get a chance to have a nice bubble bath without some little people wanting to join me!

My boys are too small to know when my birthday is approaching, they’re certainly too small to be able to even craft something up for me without adult help (and since I’m the only adult that they’re around most days anything they craft wouldn’t be a surprise so really, what’s the point?) but they do love to sing “Happy Birthday” to anyone and everyone.  Some days we go through the song with the name of everyone we know getting a turn.

I did get an hour or so of quiet time in the afternoon.  The boys were both busy playing in the back of the contractor’s truck (it’s an absolute arsenal of tools, little boy heaven!) so I sat in the garage with a drink by my side and my laptop in my lap.  It made me happy.  (Again, don’t judge!)

We had a lovely 15 minutes in the evening, Daddy got home from his trip, GranNan came home from work (to watch the boys) and Papa woke up from his nap just before I had to leave for orchestra practice so we all sat out on the front porch and watched the tobacco harvest going on across the road.

I guess I really have gone country!


10 thoughts on “Just Another Day – Part 2

  1. Sounds like a nice birthday! I like quiet celebrations myself. My older kids are able to craft their own cards for my birthday, but I still have to help them with spelling. It’s funny because they’re all secretive about it, like I won’t know that card is for me. 🙂


  2. I was born “gone country”. LOL Love it! Birthdays certainly do change as we grow up. My daughter is about to turn 5, and is completely baffled that we don’t have a party for Mommy. My birthday is two days after hers, so she definitely notices the contrast. 🙂


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