Oh Crap! I Stopped

Today is the day! I get my washer and dryer from the old house!  My darling husband woke up early, (I hadn’t even made his coffee yet!) got himself dressed and packed up the lawnmower to go cut the grass at the old house.  I wasn’t sure what his plan for today was, we got a big load of lumber delivered yesterday so I thought deck building was on tap for today.  Instead, he decided to go cut the grass and then bring home my washer and dryer (and maybe even the fridge and freezer!).

I know, I sound ridiculous but I’m so excited!!!  It will be nice to be able to wash the dirty, little boy farm clothes whenever I want to, without having to check and see if anyone else is in a laundry-type mood.  Plus, I’ve never yet (after two months) gotten comfortable using my mother’s machines.  I think it’s because I’m trying to get used to everything in the new house and I really didn’t want to put the effort into getting used to a laundry room that I was only using temporarily.

So my sweetheart left this morning, leaving me with the task of clearing out the miscellaneous box dump that our thus-far unused laundry room has become. (I’m almost positive that I’ve only actually cleaned the floor in there once before this morning)  It didn’t actually go too badly, I didn’t touch a whole lot of the shelf, only clearing a space big enough for my Tide and Downy.  The rest of the shelf has become our tool space, it’s full of hammers, tape measures and the inevitable collection of random screws, nut, bolts and potentially-useful fasteners that accumulate when you live with a machinist.  (I’ve learned not to touch anything made out of metal, chances are that it was put wherever-it-is for a reason!)

My newly cleaned laundry room!

My newly cleaned laundry room!

Once I got that done I was on a roll and moved into the pantry.  Let me tell you, I’ve never had a full-on pantry before and the vast array of shelves was far too tempting when we were trying to get everything tucked out of sight so we weren’t tripping over boxes every three feet.  Now I have to try to make some sense out of a space that is full of boxes of toys, bathroom stuff and tools as well as bulk purchased tissues, toilet paper and paper towels.  Not to mention the potato chips, liquor and coffee (all three also bought in bulk) as well as the printer that for some reason we thought would be ideally placed in there.

In-progress pantry.  You can see my efforts reflected in the empty spots!

In-progress pantry. You can see my efforts reflected in the empty spots!

I moved the toys out (they’re now using the space that our breakfast bar stools will occupy once we buy them), organized the bathroom stuff from three boxes down to two (which is an improvement at least) and started trying to assign different shelves to similar groups of things rather than have the pickles next to the floor cleaning stuff or the boxes of still-unpacked bathroom stuff right next to my coffee.  Then I found the box with my wind chimes and it all went to hell.

When we moved into our old house there was a teeny, tiny set of wind chimes hanging by the back door.  Our wedding took place a month later and we received a beautiful set of chimes which promptly began ringing out so merrily that my husband wanted to take them down fearing the wrath of the neighbours.  I convinced him to leave them up and they stayed up until Big Boy got tall enough to climb up on a deck chair and beat the crap out of them (giving me and likely everyone within a mile a splitting headache!)

As soon as I found the chimes I went to find my dad who was planning a trip into town.  I wanted him to find me a hook so I could hang them up.  As I was waiting for him in the garage I started sweeping it up and picking up the little bits of construction garbage that I’m sure I’ll be picking up for years.  Once I actually got back inside all I wanted to do was to sit for a minute.  My first mistake was likely shutting the pantry door, my second may very well have been to start writing about it!

Thank goodness I finished enough that the freezer can be brought in, as well as the washer and dryer (I’m still thinking that I’ll need to reverse the door on one of them but can’t remember which one.)  I got a text message asking if I wanted to come over and sort through the freezer to which I replied, “Keep pizza, chicken and French fries.  Everything else has likely been there for five years and can be thrown away.”  I know for a fact that there are ice cream treats in there which were my preferred snack during my first pregnancy (they were also on sale that whole winter so it worked out well for me!)

Hopefully this means that not only will I be able to do laundry and stock the freezer in the next few hours but that there will also be some other adults around here to keep an eye on the boys for me (since I actually have no idea where they are and really don’t know if I have the energy to chase them down should I find them easily!)

Missing children located!

Missing children located!

Oh wait…here they are.









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4 thoughts on “Oh Crap! I Stopped

    • My mind is blown by how quickly I am filling up all the space in the kitchen and pantry. I know that I’ll still end up changing things around a dozen more times too and the thought makes me tired. 🙂


  1. I love to be able to do my own laundry (well my families laundry). Here in Thailand it is often just as cheap to send it out to be done for you, but I find it soothing, so I keep doing it. I am jealous of your pantry! I have always wanted one like that. 🙂


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