Long Weekend Baby!

My taxing supervisory position!

My taxing supervisory position!

It’s a long weekend.  Really long weekend when your husband works nights and the weekend starts when he wakes up on Friday morning.  Really, really long weekend when he works until 3:00am and wakes up at 7:30am (no tea ready, sorry sweetie!)

I woke this morning in a state of mild panic, thinking that there was going to be a houseful of people around after a quiet week with my mother and sister away.  I got up, got a couple cups of coffee into me and then sat down at the table to plan dinners for the weekend.  I had lists of possible options, expected numbers for each meal, notes on which could be made gluten-free for Reena (so she doesn’t feel left out!)  Then I started planning shopping lists, checking out different store websites to figure out where I could find all of my ingredients, and planning which direction I would have to drive in order to hit all the different stores I needed without too much backtracking.

Then, I got smart.  I thought that I ought to check the arrival/departure times of all the people I thought were going to be here at some point.  My information thus far had mostly come second- or third-hand so I took the initiative and made some text messages. (Phone calls are so last century!)

It turns out that what I thought was going to be a rather large house party for the whole weekend is actually just going to be a fun party on Sunday.  All my shopping lists have been in vain!  It worked out pretty well, I was really just preparing a menu for my husband to cook and when I went to tell him about my plans he told me that he was going to be too busy building the deck this weekend to do much other than the actual barbecuing.  Since I will now be in charge of everything that isn’t to be barbecued we will be having hot dogs and hamburgers with homemade French fries.  I can likely convince my mother to do her fabulous nacho dip and the grocery store makes lovely fruit and veggie trays.  Party planned.

Plus, I find that I now have an extra day.  I don’t have to go and get all the food today, it can be done tomorrow!  So today I have found myself kind of at loose ends.  I feel like there is something that I should be doing but I really can’t work up enough energy to care about getting it done.

I did give myself a little manicure this morning.  I’ve been asked to do a review for Jamberry Nail Wraps and got my samples the other day so thought I should get them on.  It was fun, trying to manicure myself in a too-small bathroom while the boys kept trying to get their turn.  We now have a Mommy with a different accent nail on each hand, a Big Boy with week-old green nail-polished toes and fresh nail-polished hand (only one, and it has an accent nail!) and a Little Man with freshly manicured hands and feet!  We are a spiffy bunch if I do say so myself.  I’ll have to figure out how to clean off the big one before school starts on Tuesday though…

So I’ve been wandering around, outside (in the gorgeous sunshine!) and then back in (to do something on the computer for a minute), upstairs (contemplating whether I actually care to do the vacuuming today or not) and downstairs (where I resealed the vapour barrier where it needed to get moved to bolt the deck to the house), trying to figure out what I want to do.  Everybody is just being lazy (except the worker bee outside) so I just stood at the patio door (which is bolted shut until a deck appears) and watched him for a few minutes.  He looked up and saw me watching, it was a sweet moment shared between two people who don’t spend enough time together at present.  Or, it was, until I decided to get cheeky and flashed him just to see him nearly fall down with shock!  I took him out a beer to get his nerves back before he continued putting holes in our new house (don’t want him doing it wrong!) and then decided that I will find myself a frothy beverage and a lawn chair.  I shall spend my free day sitting in the sun with a cold drink, and possible a book watching someone else do all the work!

Happy Labour Day weekend everyone!

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