First Day of School (Ever!)

I just put my Big Boy onto the bus and sent him off to school for the first time ever.  I feel excited, nauseous and scared all at once!  Chances are that he felt the same way but didn’t know how to voice it.  He really didn’t want to get out of bed this morning (he’s not a morning person, like his dad) so it was a bit tricky at first but eventually he was dressed and ready to go!

Excited for the first day!

Excited for the first day!

After a small conversation about how everyone at school was not going to be mean and try to hurt him he decided to be happy and went off onto the bus carrying his backpack with a smile on his face.

I proceeded to go to pieces.  My stomach was in knots, all I wanted to do was to crawl back into bed and wait for 4:00 to come so I could see him.  I didn’t even have my Little One to play with because the contractor was here today and he is so much more interesting than me!

My husband had to go and order some glasses so the three of us piled into the van (very strange with only one kid!) and did a few errands together which helped me settle down a bit.  As we were coming home we decided to drive past the school and maybe catch a glimpse of Big Boy.  It wasn’t recess time so I knew he wouldn’t be outside but I couldn’t resist!

After we got home the Big Man decided to work on the deck while the Little Man played with his new truck so I went inside and just sat.  I didn’t want to do anything else, just sit and picture what was going on at school.  (Yes, I’m that pathetic!)

We had a bit of excitement when our deck-building drill bit broke so I was sent into town to procure a replacement.  As it so happens, I was in town during the second recess break so I did the old cruise-slowly-past-the-school and tried to spot my son in the sea of kindergarteners all running wild on the playground.  I didn’t see him (his school has 100 kids between JK and SK) but I also didn’t see any kids in red shirts huddled miserably by the fence trying to make a break for it so I assumed that he was fine and carried on home.


Fast forward a few hours and all of a sudden (not really) it’s 4:00 and time to meet the bus!  I’m supposed to be at the end of the lane 10 minutes early (which I was) and since the bus arrived early this morning I was not prepared for a 10-minutes-late bus.  By the time it was 3 minutes late I was texting my husband at work with many, many exclamation points!

Big Boy is the last kid to get dropped off each day.  The bus driver apologized for being late but said that’s to be expected while things sort themselves out.  I finally had my baby back after a really, really long day!  He was completely hyper, especially after I let him drive the van back up the driveway (we had just finished receiving a rainstorm of biblical proportions and I didn’t send him with a coat) and practically ignored my asking about his day in favour of playing with the dog.

There’s not a whole lot of detail that can be obtained from a 4-year-old but I did find out that he was a “bad boy on the bus” because he stood up twice but that he met a friend on the bus named “Avagail” who was a big kid and sat at the back.  (I’m guessing she was the only one left on the bus with him and he wanted to change seats to sit with her, hence the “bad boy” behaviour on the bus.)

He also told me that he earned a sticker for coming inside and that the teacher had a nifty song for clean-up time but that one boy didn’t want to stop playing with toys.  That’s all I got from him.

Off to meet the bus!

Off to meet the bus!

I checked his backpack and there was no personal note from the teacher detailing his behavioural failings and I eventually got him to tell me that he used the bathroom all by himself so that’s super.

I sent him this morning with two sandwiches, two bowls of strawberry, two drinks, some rice cakes and a couple cookies.  Seriously, this new system of work for 100 minutes, eat/play for 40, work for 100, eat/play for 40, work last 100 is ridiculous.  When I was a kid we had two recess breaks which were too short to eat so we only had to pack a lunch.  Now the kids have two long eating breaks as well as two long playing breaks so essentially I have to pack two lunches for him.

He is the world’s worst eater, ever.  This is not a new thing but even I was surprised when he came home after being busy all day and had only eaten the strawberry and cookies.  Even his drinks were largely full, I can only assume that I will be getting a note from his teacher fairly soon regarding his eating habits!

He does say that he’s excited to go back tomorrow so I’m taking that as a good sign.  When I asked him what he wanted for lunch he replied, “Nuffing!” so that’ll be interesting.  If he travels to the bus stop tomorrow the same way he did today though I’m going to have to invest in a bike lock, I don’t want to have to bring his bike all the way back up the lane every day!

Overall, I probably couldn’t have asked for a better first day of school for my first child.  It’s the first day in a long time that I wished he would stay a baby forever though!

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6 thoughts on “First Day of School (Ever!)

  1. That was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do. Before the first day, I cried like a baby on the kitchen floor and almost changed my mind about the whole school thing! Glad yours had a good first day. It makes the other days easier 🙂


    • I was surprisingly fine until he was actually gone! I thought about keeping him home for another year but he was ready in a lot of ways to go so I let him. I’m sure by next week (month?) it’ll be old hat.


  2. Oh I feel your pain!! My kids are 12 and 10 and I have been fighting tears on and off today knowing tomorrow is their last day home as they start on Thursday. I’m so pathetic!! Wish I could homeschool but that is not an option as I have no patience and need my income for all these animals we have 🙂


    • I totally get it about the patience. I love him and missed him a lot today and will do the same tomorrow but at the same time I think I will like having a little more “me” time once the little one settles down.

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