What Kindergarten Did To My Kid!

Seriously, on Monday I had my little boy. He used to be my baby, I still remember the day he was born and I’ve watched him grow ever since. Then he started school.

First school picture ever!

First school picture ever!

Now I have a schoolchild. He announced to me that he did not! require my help after bath when he brushed his teeth and hair.

Then, the other night he quite happily requested pickle and cheese for dinner (which he’s been calling “gross” since early spring) and had two plates! After that was done he asked for some more so I offered him some fruit (which he loves), a Freezie (also a favourite), or some ice cream (which he loves to feed to me but never touches!)

I’m sure that you can guess where this is going, he chose the ice cream. I had a container of orange sherbet in the freezer (my fave!) so brought that out, dipped a spoon into and gave to him to eat. Normally he would sniff it and then stick it into my mouth (score!) but this time he actually licked it!

Then he dipped the spoon into the container himself and offered me some. It was delicious! He tried to do it again and I refused politely (what was I thinking?) telling him that it was his dessert and if he didn’t want to eat it I would put it away.

He climbed up on the chair and absolutely sailed into that sherbet! I thought that he was going to eat the whole tub! I finally convinced him to let me put some into his bowl so the rest could be returned to the freezer and not five minutes later his little brother came over asking for some “ornge eye creem.” I think that school has created two monsters!

Everything about him just seems older, he climbs up and down those huge bus stairs every day without any help. He wants to eat his pizza in the classic slice formation instead of the tiny squares that he used to prefer. He barely lets me give him a hug and kiss when he leaves in the morning. All of a sudden I’m tucking him into bed after his story at night and walking away while he’s still awake. It’s a far cry from him needing to snuggle with me on the couch while watching Frozen.

I knew these things would all happen eventually. I never pictured a teenager who needed me to brush his teeth and wipe his bum but I’m absolutely astonished at how quickly all of these things happened at once!

When he was an infant he was always a little bit ahead of the learning curve (my big, smart boy!) and lately he’s seemed to hit a plateau so maybe he’s just catching up on the developing that didn’t happen over the last few months but for heaven’s sake! Couldn’t he have spread it out a little bit? Or at least not done it the first week of school when I was having a hard enough time dealing with him being gone all day?

What’s with this one-two punch of having a life outside of me and learning to look after himself? That’s just not fair! I know it’s just life but, really, how am I supposed to deal with this?

I think that I will try to keep Little Man napping every day so I can enjoy a lovely mid-afternoon break from being only a mother, maybe I’ll spend some time with my husband before he goes to work (poor man, I’ve largely ignored him for the past four years!) or maybe I’ll just sit on the porch swing and watch the leaves change colour while I mourn the loss of my baby, the one kindergarten stole from me!


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3 thoughts on “What Kindergarten Did To My Kid!

  1. It really is both amazing and scary when they make you feel like they don’t need you anymore. The other night my son told me he wanted to try and fall asleep by himself, for the first time in 4.5 years! I had been waiting anxiously for this moment, and when it came I realized I wasn’t ready! I stuck around anyway! (bad idea, but I just couldn’t do it)


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