Jamberry Nail Wraps Kept Me Gorgeous (While I Worked Like A Dog!)

I was asked by Joanna Vetter, a Jamberry Nail consultant, to do a review of the Jamberry Nail Wraps.  I spent a long time looking at the Jamberry website and realized that these wraps would be perfect for someone like me.

I really do enjoy having a nice looking nail but only rarely do I put in the effort to make it happen.  This seemed like a simple way to have fabulous looking nails that would last for days and days!

I had a little trouble the first time that I tried, just like everything else it requires practice to perfect your technique but the second one was much better.

It's slightly off-centre but you can't tell from the picture

It’s slightly off-centre but you can’t tell from the picture

Much better!

Much better!










As instructed, I just used my regular nail polish on the rest of my nails to use as a comparison.  (I still can’t find the box with all my makeup and stuff in it so I only had green to use!)  One thing that I really liked was that there was none of that freshly-polished feeling that makes me afraid to touch anything for 24 hours!  I stuck the wraps on and started living life straight away.

The idea is that you take a picture on Day 1 and again on Day 7 to see what a difference using nail wraps instead of polish makes.  Day 2 of my trial was the day before my big Labour Day party so I spent literally the entire day cleaning my house.  It was pristine! (I even cleaned the fan above the stove, which was useless since I don’t have a stove yet so there’s no way it could have become dirty!)  After hours and hours (and hours and hours) of cleaning my manicure had been reduced to this:

Hmm, wonder which is a better option?

Hmm, wonder which is a better option?

Can you spot the difference?

Can you spot the difference?










I think it goes without saying but the Jamberry Nail Wraps held up a whole lot better than my nail polish! Plus, they’re very pretty!

The wraps are applied by heating them up to activate the adhesive (I used my hair dryer, the boys were in charge of that part) and what makes it nice is that after my monster cleaning day both of the wraps that I was wearing were starting to peel back a little bit at the edges so I just went and got the hair dryer out, heated them up, stuck them back on and away I went.  They’ve been fine ever since.

Actually, the boys were so excited to help me get my nails all pretty that I ended up letting each of them wear an accent nail too.  I wish I had been able to take pictures of them, Big Boy had a black floral pattern with green nails (but only on one hand!) while Little Man had the same black one as me.  He made me paint all of his toes and all the other fingernails as well, he was so proud of his new look!  I might actually start doing it more often because it made the boys sit very still for almost 30 minutes (they didn’t want to mess up their “paint” and I hadn’t told them it was dry yet!)

I would definitely go to a party if one happens around here, and would encourage all my friends as well (they usually bring wine which only makes the party better!).  I think that if I had been able to locate my proper manicure implements that the application process would have been even quicker and easier than it was.  I would also encourage all of my friends to bring their little girls (and boys!) along, the company does have child sizes so you can outfit your girly girl with beautiful, non-toxic nail designs (and some of your manly boys as well apparently!)


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