5 Things That Made Me Pee My Pants Laughing

Now that my Big Boy is going to school I spend a lot of time with my little one and I’m realizing more and more how absolutely hilarious he is.

One night after bath I was helping Big Boy put on his jammies after teeth brushing.  Little Man was still in the bathroom, he decided that he needed to brush his hair before bed and was working away at it. (Which was funny in-and-of-itself!)

After I got Big Boy dressed and sent off to the couch for wind-down time I called to Little Man to come get dressed.  My naked little boy pranced (yes, literally pranced!) out of the bathroom, rubbing his belly and patting his hair saying, “There…all perfect!”

Thank God for kegels or I would have been cleaning the carpet!

Leftover piece of buffering material from the big appliance move

Leftover piece of buffering material from the big appliance move

The other morning he was having his first pee off the deck (a daily occurrence) and he tried hard to hit the baby on the ground.

Once he finally made contact with the baby he delightedly exclaimed, “Baby having a shower!”

Thanks honey, baby almost got a second shower too!





Lovin' the sub!

Lovin’ the sub!

We went to Subway  to get a sandwich for Daddy’s dinner, Little Man decided that he needed one too.  He’s a bit more of an adventurous eater than his brother so I figured he could try it (and if he didn’t eat it then it would be lunch for me!)

He absolutely loved the sandwich (although it took him over an hour to get through!) and was super excited about the apple slices that came with his kid’s meal so I opened them up for him and he sailed in.

After the first slice a funny look came over his face and he told me they were “super yucky.”  As I stood there he got up off the floor, walked into the bathroom (still chewing), lifted the toilet seat cover and proceeded to spit the chewed up apple into the potty and then flush!

I’m not quite sure how he thought that was a garbage receptacle but I’ll take it as opposed to the carpet!

I’ve been trying to come up with things to do as distractions so he doesn’t miss his brother too much and one day we were heading out in the van to the hardware store. I was waiting in the garage while he, his daddy and Papa had a little pow-wow in the driveway.

It was time to get going so I called to him, he came up the driveway to the edge of the garage and then stopped to pick up some rocks. He very carefully counted out three (one for mommy, one for daddy and one for him I was told) and then started through the garage towards the van.

Suddenly he stopped, held up a finger and said to me, “Just give me a second.” Then he turned and headed for the house. I asked what he was doing and he told me, “I need second, have to get toy for udder pocket!” Then he walked into the house telling me again, “Just second Mom!”

I had to cross my legs as I stood in the garage!

It only took four days of school for Big Boy to bring home a cold. He and I spent the weekend laying on the couch, sneezing and trying to breathe through stuffed up noses. By Sunday afternoon Little Man decided that he’d had enough of us and went across to spend some time with GranNan.

She knew we were sick so was asking him what we were doing he told her that his brother was sleeping (true) and that “Mommy was peeking her eyes.” Also true, but only because he wouldn’t stop talking to me while I was trying to rest!

Of course he then came down with the cold as well. He’s the biggest drama queen around when he’s sick so I wasn’t surprised when he had a big sneeze and, as I tried to wipe his nose, he backed away from me saying, “No Mommy! Nose broken!”

By then I had so many different orifices dripping that who would notice a few drops of pee!


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11 thoughts on “5 Things That Made Me Pee My Pants Laughing

  1. So cute. My boys make me laugh all day!!! Even when I’m mad…sometimes especially when I’m mad. One of my favs is when my son is doing something and then he will say, “Mommy, what am I doing!?!?” Or they pop out from somewhere and go, “Here I is!” Or, “There’s me!!!!” So cute! There’s too many hilarious things to even remember them all, I wish I had time to write them all down so we’d remember forever.


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