5 Reasons Having a Cold Absolutely Sucks!

My Big Boy brought his first cold home from school after only 4 days.  He spent 2 complete days at school this past week which surprised me because generally he’s like his dad and gets over illness really quickly.  Not this time, it’s been a solid week of sneezing, coughing and runny noses around here since he spread this cold like wildfire to everyone in the house!

So now all of us are sick and it’s causing us to make some questionable decisions in our daily lives:

1.  Daddy is sick.  He has a headache and upset stomach so he decides to go outside in the drizzly, cold rain and continue working on the deck.  Measuring, cutting and installing deck boards when you can barely tell the time is definitely a questionable decision!

2.  Mommy is sick.  Mommy’s entire body aches, I don’t even feel like moving off of the couch to feed myself, it’s a struggle to get up and feed my family! (I do it but even less well than normal!)  What do I decide to do instead? Change my website host.  Brilliant!  I’ve been thinking about doing it for a while but just hadn’t gotten to it so I decide to start at 8:00 on a Friday night.  I think it’s working now but for all I know the only person who will ever read this list is me because I think I’ve lost all my lovely readers! (Side note: I got it sorted, thanks to the lovely folks at WordPress, they rock!) Obviously I made a questionable decision!

3.  Big Boy is sick.  He decides that he needs to go outside and watch Daddy build the deck.  We have no cold weather clothes available (since they’re all packed somewhere, we can’t find them.  I’ll likely locate them in April after I’ve bought all new ones.) so he’s wearing one of his dad’s old soccer shirts, it looks like a dress on him but he’s mostly covered.  He has decided though that he will go outside “wearing my feet”, which means no shoes.  Luckily he’s sick enough that when I explained about the mud and the need for boots he just accepted it without a fight.  Lucky for him, his questionable decisions still have to be run past me!

4.  Little man is sick.  Our Princess is visiting for the weekend and she’s having to spend it on the other side of the house away from the boys.  I haven’t even told them that she’s here because I know that they’ll want to play and I really don’t want to give her this cold (although she’s given them many colds as well as Hand, Foot and Mouth disease so we probably owe her one!)  He’s too young to make any questionable decisions but that’s not for lack of trying on his part!

5.  Uncle G.G. is sick.  He seems to be handling it better than the rest of us but it turns out he’s been medicating himself pretty heavily.  He’s decided to go out to a party tonight and has asked to borrow my van!  That way he can be the designated driver and the group only has to take one vehicle.  Not truly a questionable decision, a rather smart one actually, except that my van will be full of cold germs! Ha ha! Luckily, he’s already sick but I think whomever he’s chauffeuring tonight is making a questionable decision to get into that petrie dish of germ!

I’ve got laundry waiting to be washed, dishes waiting to be washed, snotty hands and faces waiting to be washed and a whole boatload of desire to do nothing.  The boys (and their Daddy) were very happy to see Uncle Tot come over to help with the deck today but that means one more mouth that I have to figure out how to feed (I still don’t have a working oven, the stove part works so at least I can boil water!)

Hopefully, everyone will be happy with boiled water for dinner because Mama needs a sick day.


4 thoughts on “5 Reasons Having a Cold Absolutely Sucks!

  1. Haha! Yes, it sounds like your family does exactly what my family does when we are sick. We also abound in questionable illness related choices. Hope you all get to felling better soon!


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