Second Kids ALWAYS Get The Shaft

Today my second son turns 3.  What have I done to prepare? Have I stashed a fantastic gift? Have I planned a lovely party? Have I acknowledged the day in any way whatsoever?

Nope.  I have not.

My poor baby (although he’s too young to realize the abysmal lack of celebration surrounding his birth) is getting the shaft.  From me, his mother!

I knew this day was coming, I’ve realized how close it’s been getting for a week now.  Maybe part of my lack of planning has to do with the epic cold battle that we’ve been fighting around here but I’m not going to let myself off that easily.

We actually had planned to do a little party on the weekend but everyone was feeling so crappy that I called it off. (That decision had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I hadn’t gone out to even buy food, really!) So yesterday after we sent Big Boy off to school we went to Wal-Mart to find a birthday present.

Probably not the best idea to let a 3-year-old pick out his own birthday gift.  He told me that he wanted a train so I was at least smart enough to keep us in the train section only but of course there’s no way to disguise what I’ve put in the cart which meant that I had to buy two presents, one to give him today and one that he was able to open immediately since I didn’t (and still don’t) have the energy to repeatedly explain to him that his birthday was 24 hours away.  (In fact, his birthday was supposed to be yesterday but the hospital was too busy to induce me that day so I had to wait.  I therefore feel that anytime within the 16th or 17th is fair birthday time!)

So, hiding in the back of the van, is the big train set birthday present.  I ended up taking Big Boy to the doctor last night because his breathing has been affected by this cold (we have to use the puffers again, not a big deal) so he stayed home from school today.  We were waiting for Daddy to wake up so the train set could be presented but just before Daddy appeared Little Man was distracted by Papa starting to burn the scrap wood/old furniture that has been piling up.  Of course, fire takes precedence over everything in a 3-year-old’s world so I guess the train will have to wait.

Back in the spring I was so aware of Big Boy’s birthday that I started to reminisce a full 24 hours early, thinking about the birth of my first baby.  For the second one though, its old hat and I really need to remember that he’s just as special, just as wanted, just as delightful as his big brother is and was.

Making friends

Making friends

New baby!
New baby!

Looking at these pictures has not transported me back to that time like I hoped it would!

First time on a bike!

First time on a bike!

Growing up and mastering the selfie!

Growing up and mastering the selfie!










Hopefully I’ll be able to make a bit more of an effort to remember the big things in his life.  I’ve been trying to recall what his first word was and I’m drawing a blank. I do remember the day that he first started to walk though, I guess that’s something but for all the firsts that babies have you think I would be able to do better than that!

He’s changed so much in the last three years, I think that I need to make a concerted effort now to remember everything up to this point.  One day he’ll want to know these things (maybe boys don’t really care but I’m assuming that some day he’ll marry and have children of his own, at which point I’m gonna get asked something about his infancy.)

Maybe, if I’m lucky, I’ll be old enough by then to claim senility at my lack of available information.  I would rather admit that my brain is mush than admit that I’ve shafted my son!


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4 thoughts on “Second Kids ALWAYS Get The Shaft

  1. I guess I am somewhat lucky that my kids are born in the same week, which does happen to be in December, so we just celebrate them all in the summer with one big party.

    But yes, baby number two does not get the same attention that the first one does. I had this big crazy baby book all filled out with my son, but I was at least smart enough to get a much simpler one for my daughter, at least it is filled in even if there is not as much information in it. lol
    I started trying to get more pictures of her lately too, making up for some of those things that kind of got lost. Good luck, and happy birthday to the little guy too!


    • I’m guilty of still having a blank baby book for my first and I never even got one for the second!
      I do have lots of pictures though and they will help remind me of the stories that I’ll tell them as they grow up!


  2. I think that birthdays should be every day (minus the presents and cake).

    While you might not make a big deal on the day of your son’s birth, I’m sure that throughout the year you have moments where you remember his birth and life fondly and I’m sure that he knows he was and is wanted. You seem like that kind of Mom.

    I pinned this annual questionnaire and hope to start doing it every year

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo


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