What? Today is Thursday Already?

I am not a “structure” person.  Maybe once I was but I’m definitely not now!  Most of the time I’m not even sure what day of the week it is and I often find that an entire month has passed without my consent. (What? It’s nearly October already? I’m still getting used to school happening every day!)

This week has been somewhat of a blur.  After having Big Boy home from school all last week (and most of the previous) it was quite a shock to wake up to the alarm on Monday morning.  The worst that I can say about Monday was that I had a dentist appointment (apparently my sinus pain is actually a tooth thing that may require a root canal, great 😦 ) and that Little Man was acting completely crazy!  I thought it was just because his brother was back at school and he was lonely, he wouldn’t leave me alone for more than 3 minutes (seriously, I timed it.  I have no idea what he did when I was at the dentist.)

Tuesday I can honestly say I don’t remember a darned thing about.  I know that I had planned to stay up late so I could participate in the #Prep4Bliss Twitter party, I wanted to make sure that someone finally answered my question about whether or not I needed to take out a bank loan to pay for my conference wine. (I was really hoping that at least some of it would be complimentary!)  As it happens, I completely forgot that I wanted to ask that question because the Little Man decided that he was going to cry and cry (and cry and cry) so I ended up holding him in my lap while trying to Twitter with my phone. (Which sucks late at night because the screen is too small when my eyes are tired!)

He spent the entire night crying and nothing I could do was helping him get comfortable.  I tried having him use the toilet (which worked for a minute), then offered him some food (he declined, as he had declined his dinner which is why I thought he was hungry) and then I went and got him a bottle of milk.  To my surprise he actually drank the whole thing! While I was trying to figure out what was wrong with him he kept telling me that he had a “ouchie” but he wouldn’t tell me where. (The poor kid was half asleep throughout the whole conversation so I wasn’t surprised that he was sketchy on the details)  I suspected ear infection but wasn’t able to do anything about it at 2:00am.

So I wake up Wednesday, get the Big Boy off to school (he is on the mend from his cold, we haven’t had to use the forceps on his boogers in two days!) then locate my father who owns one of those fancy light things that doctors have to look in ears, noses and throats.  He comes over to check out Little Man’s ear and can’t even get a clear look because he’s told that the “ear ouchie”.  Obviously ear infection, likely bad since the poor kid is able to pinpoint his exact ouchie.  I call the doctor to find out that he’s not in the office so my choices are daytime public walk-in clinic or evening walk-in at my doctor’s office.

For whatever reason, likely exhaustion, I chose to do the public clinic.  We arrived 10 minutes after the clinic opened and were #22 on the list so I knew we would be there for a few hours.  It was actually closer to five hours by the time we were walking out to go home.  Ten minutes of that time was spent in the company of the doctor who was able to confirm my ear infection diagnosis in about five seconds.  (I’m sorry my baby is sick but there’s something very satisfying about being right!)

I had just enough time to stop in town and drop the prescription off at the pharmacy, run home so Little Man could see his dad, go pee and then run back into town to pick up Big Boy from school as well as the drugs.  Apparently the Amoxo-whatever-its-called is strawberry or cherry flavoured so Little Man finds it “yummy.”  Thank heavens for small mercies.

Today I did the laundry, dishes and general cleaning up that I should have done yesterday.  I also spent a great deal of time playing Mario Kart 8 with Little Man (I unlocked a ton of cool stuff and got to do every race twice because he never actually finished without wanting to change his character and I wasn’t letting him lose all the win points that I had gathered!)  Whatever it was that I had considered doing today will have to wait until tomorrow if I can remember what it was that I wanted to do.

Maybe I do need some structure, at least enough to make a list of things that I want to accomplish sometime.  I really think that assigning tasks to specific days is completely beyond me at this point, maybe after I have my root canal and get rid of this darned headache!


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4 thoughts on “What? Today is Thursday Already?

  1. Hi Cristi! Oh brother, you have had quite a day! My mouth is one large root canal and crown-fest, so I feel your pain. Literally. Actually, the last two February’s I’ve had tooth pain that turned out to be sinus driven. Teeth are weird.

    I’m glad your son felt better so quickly! Waiting five hours seems obnoxiously long, how did your son handle all that time? Poor kid.
    I hope this week runs smoother for you,


    • I don’t like it when he’s sick but he usually sits quite nicely because he feels so crappy! I also took the iPad to entertain him so that helped.
      My tooth is less bad now but I get to have a root canal in a couple weeks, yippee!
      This week should be better once I get through taking the other boy to have his nose checked, I have finally admitted that his snot is just not normal! I am already planning appropriate bribes to try and keep him from scaring all the other patients!
      Thanks for checking in, I appreciate it Ceil!


  2. Aww, what a week! I shared a similarly crazy one on Monday about last week: http://atlantamomofthree.net/2014/09/22/how-i-spent-my-week-off/ 🙂 I know what you mean about being right at the doctor – it feels nice to be validated. I’m so sorry about the ear infection, though! I had multiple ear infections growing up (and even as an adult) and they are HORRIBLY painful. 😥
    I hope the tooth/sinus issues are resolved quickly! XO


    • Those drugs worked very quickly, within 24 hours he was feeling better. I remember reading about your week off but can’t remember if I did it before or after I wrote about my week!
      I’m just surprised at how little I accomplished this week and I wasn’t even on a “vacation” like you!
      I’m glad you’re back though, you’ve been missed!


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