Mothers Rule!

Seriously…mothers rule.  I have no idea how any of us ever accomplish anything!

I need you

I’m just starting to do some freelance computer/writing work from home (I really needed to get my brain into gear, it’s been too lazy for too long!) and had a job over the last four days with actual deadlines!

I haven’t had a deadline for anything other than ordering more Cinnamon Pastry Coffee K-cups before my current (huge) stash ran out.  Basically, I had been allotted 8 hours to do a certain job but then was told that it was more important to the client that the entire job got finished regardless of how long it took.  I had to get through my list by Friday night which meant that I spent most of the day at the computer.

I literally sat down to the computer while I drank my morning coffee at 7:00 and didn’t finish until it was dinner time.  I had accomplished a lot but was truly surprised when I saw that out of the whole day I had only clocked 6-1/2 hours of “work time.”

That got me thinking about how I’ve heard that women in the 1960s spent the same amount of time on housework that women do now, even with all the handy-dandy gadgets that are supposed to make things easier. Dishwashers are a good example I guess, although how many of us still have to wash at least some dishes every night? (I say this like I actually do it 😉 )

I’m thinking that at least part of the reason that it still takes us so long to do housework (or anything, really) is that our kids are always around.  Back in the 60s and 70s it was completely normal to send your kids outside and not see them until dinner.  Even into the 80s that was normal (at least in my world) but now that doesn’t happen and it’s really playing havoc on my productivity!

Think about it how often it happens.  You’re trying to get the bathroom cleaned because company is coming (you mean that’s not the only time it needs cleaning?) and you get interrupted at least four times because someone needs to pee (not in the clean one!), someone needs a drink, someone needs a snack, someone needs to stop the blood…

The list goes on and on, it doesn’t ever stop.  (I’ve been waiting four years and it hasn’t.  It doesn’t even appear to be easing up!)  I’ve not really noticed before that it’s now taking me four times longer to accomplish things than it used to but I think I’ll start paying attention, it could be some interesting research

I already know that I need to stop doing everything for my children, I need to devote some serious time to teaching them how to do a few things themselves, I need to get this turkey brine boiled so the bird will be ready to deep-fry tomorrow (yippee!) and I need to clean my bathrooms a little more often. (Maybe if I did that it wouldn’t take so long when I do get around to cleaning!)


Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends and family!  (All my American friends need to wait just a little while longer!)

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