Someone Spit In My Coffee

Bad day

The universe decided that it did not want me to have a good day yesterday.  I don’t quite know how the curse was passed to me, maybe it was spit in my coffee, bird crap on my shoulder, or some other unnoticed calamity but I know for certain that I was meant to have a trying day.

The strange thing is that nothing specific happened that was terrible.  My grapes were a little tart, the weather was a little windy and rainy, my drive to the police station ended up being useless (other than realizing that the police officer I spoke to was so young that I felt really, really old), even the Subway sandwich that I treated myself to wasn’t as tasty as I had hoped.

The boys were being boys, not quiet play but really nothing too outrageous although they seemed to be able to upset me pretty easily.  Even the fact that my Little Man wouldn’t eat his vitamin was a problem for me.  (Big Boy ate his with only a minimum of fuss which is pretty spectacular but I could hardly work up any enthusiasm for him, poor kid.)

Maybe I need to start taking my iron pills again, or start taking some of the herbal PMS “happy” pills that my sister got for me.  Maybe I just need to make some sort of sacrifice to the voodoo gods so they stop bothering me.  Perhaps I just need to finally get over the cold that I’ve had since the first week of school!  It’s also possible that I just need to deal with Monday’s root canal.

So, yesterday was a fairly crappy day, not quite a Jonah day but not far off.  Now that I’ve slept on it I can go back to being the eternal optimist that I like to pretend I am!

So my grapes were a little tart, big deal.  I was needing a refreshing taste when I ate them and they certainly were that! Having tasted them again this morning I can confirm that while they are not the sweetest they are still pretty darn good so I shall put down last night’s disappointment as ridiculous and give myself a shake!

So the weather was windy and rainy, it’s the end of October in Southern Ontario! I would be astonished if the weather wasn’t windy and rainy! I’m sure it bothered me only because it was Big Boy’s first ever field trip, his class went to the apple orchard and just before leaving for school he asked me to go along.  I couldn’t volunteer because I have to get my police check done first but a 4-year-old doesn’t understand that.  He ended up having a great time though, he brought home a mini pumpkin, an incredibly dried-out cob of corn and five teeny, tiny apples.  I have no idea what I’m supposed to do with them, he tells me that they’re for decoration. (In my world that means they’ll stay in the fridge for months until I decide to throw them into the field.)

The police station thing was to get my police check done so I can volunteer at the school (and on field trips) but apparently I have to get a letter from the school first.  The bright side of it was that I got out of the house for an hour and I didn’t get arrested.  (There’s no reason why I should but I figure every day that one remains a law-abiding citizen is cause for celebration!)

Even the boys playing together (albeit loudly) is nice, it meant that they weren’t constantly after me to entertain them.  I probably would have felt better about the whole day if I had joined them playing Octonauts or trucks or trains…and I honestly can’t remember when Mario Kart didn’t make me feel fantastic!

So today I will do my best to keep the voodoo away, the sun may not be shining brightly but there is just enough to highlight the lovely colours in the forest, the wind may blow later but right now it’s still and calm, Big Boy is off to school and Little Man is happily playing trains.  I have my husband’s morning tea all ready for him when he wakes up so perhaps I will make myself a fresh cup of coffee and go sit on our (finally finished) deck while I hope to catch a glimpse of some deer in the field.

Today is gonna be a great day!


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