As a Parent The Time Change Sucks!

Daylight Savings Time started during the First World War in Canada (I know this from one of my Anne of Green Gables books) so that there could be as much daylight as possible during the time when people were actually awake.  I’m honestly not sure how much people cared about it back then, if they needed daylight they most likely would have just woken up earlier!  My personal feeling is that most of modern life can be lived whether the sun is up or not and as parent I would like to see the time change removed from my list of things-that-make-life-more-difficult-than-it-needs-to-be.  Unfortunately, I don’t make those kinds of decisions so the time change will remain on my list of things-to-deal-with-unhappily-twice-a-year.

I tried to be smart this year and prepare the boys before the time changed as much as possible.  I think I was half successful, my Big Boy slept in until just before 7:00 (on the clock) but my Little Man woke up at his normal time which meant that when I woke up this morning the first number on my clock was a 5.

I’m not entirely stupid though, I never actually change any clocks before I go to bed.  I always leave the oven and microwave alone so that I can center myself when I wake up in the morning.  It made me feel better today when I went to make my coffee and the oven actually said 6:47.

It usually takes me a few days to acclimate after a time change now, I don’t remember it being this difficult before I had children but that makes perfect sense.  If I wake up after a time change and see an ungodly hour on the clock I will simply force myself to go back to sleep (or at least relax quietly for a little longer) but you can’t do that with a 3-year-old.  He actually did try, I was able to grab maybe 15-20 more minutes of quiet before we got out of bed so I’ll be grateful for that.

Hopefully I’ll last through the day so I’m not tempted to put him to bed at a ridiculously early time tonight because that will just cause this vicious 5:00am wake-up cycle to continue which is so not cool with me!

The good news though is that it’s not even 8:00am and I’ve had enough coffee that I feel awake, I’ve ordered Big Boy’s school pictures, I’ve started the laundry, I’ve…I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot more than that but that’s really kind of a pathetic list!  Oh well, there’s still a whole lot of today left to be productive. Or not.  Maybe I’ll go sit with the boys and play Lego video games (if they’ll let me have a turn), and then I’ll nap (if they’ll leave me alone long enough) and then I’ll eat some of their Halloween candy! (That’s a given, they’ve completely forgotten about it already.)

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