Today is Thankful for Coffee Day!

Well…I guess technically every day is Thankful for Coffee Day in my house.  I’ve been thinking about coffee more frequently of late because in the past two weeks I’ve had quite a few bloggers that I know receive brand new Keurig 2.0 brewers.  I don’t know how they managed that but I need in!  Even my mother and my husband want in on that one! I love my Keurig and recently faced life without it which was not a pleasing prospect.

I got my first Keurig probably three or four years ago and immediately fell in love with it.  It was the most basic model available with two cup sizes, no programming feature or fancy blue screen. (My mother was gifted a fancier blue screen one by her brother when she had her knees replaced so she could make coffee without getting out of bed, a fine idea I think – minus the excruciating knee surgery pain!)  We loved ours though.  It took my husband approximately one cup of coffee to fall in love with it as well.

Sadly, that machine died last month.  I had to go out just before Thanksgiving and get a replacement so I went to Walmart and got their basic model. (Which had three cup sizes, I’m trading up!) Sadly, that machine lasted four days before it just stopped working completely.  The day that it crapped out was the Thanksgiving Monday so I had no way of replacing it since all stores were closed.

My mother came to the rescue! We were sitting around debating how we were going to survive the morning with no coffee (which is a pretty terrifying scenario) when my mother comes mincing through the door carrying her fancy Keurig.  Anyone who owns any Keurig knows that there is no way to empty out the water once it’s in so the little buggers get pretty heavy and she had carried hers down the stairs from her bedroom, through her side of the house, across the garage and halfway up the stairs into our kitchen before I came to grab it from her.  Now that’s a woman who knows the importance of coffee!

I didn’t have the heart to tell her that we always have a spare Keurig.  A few years ago I went and bought one of those SodaStream machines (for making your own pop) and I got what the store calls a “cottage package” which included the SodaStream as well as a “hotel room” Keurig.  It doesn’t have a reservoir, you just pour in water, wait for it to heat and out comes your coffee.  It’s good to have in a pinch but I could never use it every day, I do like taking it to Christmas parties though.  It makes a good change from sweets and who doesn’t love a good Dolce Du Leche coffee at a party?

I enjoyed using Mom’s fancy Keurig that day but believe me when I say that Tuesday morning after Thanksgiving I put Big Boy on the bus, got in the van and went to buy us a new one!  I remember when they first came out, everybody (that I knew anyway) thought that they would be a pain in the butt to buy coffee for, expensive to buy and then keep supplied, and just something that only hipsters would get into.  I honestly think that every person I know has one now, I don’t remember the last time that I saw a regular coffee maker on someone’s counter!

So today I will celebrate the fact that I have hot coffee in a variety of flavours to get me through the day.  I will also celebrate that tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that!


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