10 Things Learned From A Job Interview

I had a job interview yesterday, here is what I learned:

  1. It is absolutely possible for me to hold my own in a conversation that doesn’t include Thomas trains, Lego figures, Disney characters or Octonaut references.
  2. I only own one nice pair of pants.  (By nice I mean “business casual” – I think, I’ve never really wrapped my head around those attire terms but I mean something not-to-dressy but free of juice, snot or farm dirt.)
  3. I should get into the habit of renewing my makeup.  I’m pretty sure I wore that same eyeliner to my high school prom.
  4. I need to dig around in some boxes (soon) to find another nice shirt before the next interview tomorrow.  And then wash whatever I find since it’s likely been in a box for months and months.
  5. My curly hair only looks nice when it’s been freshly washed.  Curly hair should only be washed every two to three days therefore I am happy that my follow-up interview got delayed until tomorrow.
  6. I do not own (or cannot find at least) a decent pair of shoes meant for colder weather.
  7. I am very grateful to my sister who acted as my personal shopper when I needed a new winter coat, at least I didn’t have to show up to my interview in my decade-old coat that I inherited from my stepson, or, go out and actually shop for a coat!  (To be honest, I loved all the pockets on that coat and have resisted the insistent requests from my husband to get a new one!)
  8. I love wearing a name badge! (It would be nicer if it didn’t say “Visitor” but still, a badge is a badge!)
  9. I get very excited at the prospect of learning new things.  If I had the time and money I think I would love to be a “professional student!” If I don’t end up getting this job then I’ve decided to teach myself to knit!
  10. I need to stop assuming that I know who’s on the other end of the phone before I pick it up, regardless of the number that pops up on the screen


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