The Most Epic Time-Sucker Ever!

My littlest baby is going to start school in September, I actually only have a couple more months before I’ll have to go to registration night again to sign him up!

I learned a lot at a recent job interview but ultimately decided to go back to school. I went for a meeting to learn about the program and take a tour of the facilities. An hour drive each way for a 15 minute tour did not impress me but the school has a great reputation and the course only takes nine months to complete.

I got home from that meeting and was telling my family about it, my husband was surprised that I wasn’t more excited about it as I was recounting the details.  He knows me.  He knows that I tend to get really, really worked up about something and generally drive him nuts with anticipation.

Not getting excited was something that I consciously had to choose.  The course has start dates every three months (one actually starts tomorrow!) but I still have my Little Man at home with me until September.  It just makes sense for me to wait and start school at the same time he does, that way I’m not in school all through the summer when both boys will be home and I won’t have to find (and pay!) someone to care for him.

Even I can’t fathom living in a state of anticipation for nearly a year so I decided that I needed to find something else to occupy my mind during the few bits of downtime that I get during the day.  What did I pick?  Knitting!

Maybe it would have been fine if I had stuck to knitting dishcloths.  I learned how to do them years ago, they’re quick and easy but I honestly don’t like using them because they seem to get stinky really quickly so I can use one for about two days and then it needs washing.  I didn’t want to knit something that wasn’t going to be useful so I searched online and found a sweater to knit for the boys.

Easy baby tunic sweater. Click the picture to get the pattern.

Easy baby tunic sweater. Click the picture to get the pattern.


It looks very simple and is knit all in one piece.  It also only uses knit and purl stitches so I figured it was something I could handle.  My mother used to be quite the knitter and wants to start again to keep her fingers nimble so we decided that she would knit a sweater for one boy and I would do the other.  That way we would both be on the same project and she could help me as needed. I really didn’t think that I would need all that much help, the instructions are really quite straightforward and I’ve never thought of myself as a complete idiot! Little did I know…

First stop was Walmart (because silly me forgot that a Michael’s opened up in town last year!) for yarn and needles.  The boys came with me and helped pick out their colours which makes it fun for them although Big Boy constantly wants to try on his sweater and I’ve only knit 6″ of the back so far!

So we both got our knitting started, my mother fell behind pretty quickly simply because she works all day so can only knit at night.  I was able to sit off and on throughout the day and get a few more rows done…except that I got so into it that I ended up sitting for most of the week and knitting!

I only put the silly thing down to do laundry and feed people (except myself, I was too busy knitting to be hungry!) which I did rather grudgingly to be honest.  I was skipping along merrily (with only a slight hitch in the proceedings as I tried to figure out which was the “right side” and which was the “wrong side”) until one night I sneezed.

Never, ever sneeze whilst knitting! Especially when you are knitting (too tightly) on tiny needles, I ended up pulling apart the needles and ripped out stitches going back three rows!  I remember it vividly, it was a Sunday night so I immediately packed up my knitting bag and ran across to my mother’s room.  The poor woman was half-naked, getting ready for her work-in-the-morning shower and I come in with a knitting catastrophe expecting her to magically fix it!

She tried.  She really tried.  Standing there with no pants on, bent under the light with her arthritic fingers gently probing for lost stitches, gingerly trying to tug them back into place.  We eventually decided that we would both be happier with the finished product if the stitches were simply removed.

Thus began my lessons in “tinking.”  For those who don’t know “tink” is “knit” backwords and the simply means undoing all the painstaking labour that one has recently accomplished.

I am now a master tinker. (Actually, I’m kind of proud of that, it makes me feel like Tinkerbell!) I spent three days tinking my way back to unblemished knits, that included tinking my tinking and picking up dropped stitches along the way.  I finally got back to a good part and was able to continue on again.

Two days later I found myself tinking some more.  A few hours after that, same thing.  At least I’ve learned to recognize when something has gone wrong and am mostly able to correct it (by tinking!) myself so my mother can shower in peace.

My hard work to date!

My hard work to date!

I woke up this morning and realized that two weeks have passed since I started knitting.  I must get control over myself and my (apparently) addictive personality soon!  If I don’t then I run the very real risk of remaining unshowered, unfed, and uninterested in anything other than this time-sucking new hobby.


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2 thoughts on “The Most Epic Time-Sucker Ever!

  1. it looks lovely! I always have a couple of knitting projects on the go for when I’m in the car but not driving and when I’m watching tv. I’m making a sweater that looks just like yours with that seed stitch at the beginning!


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