It’s Resolution Time! (Really? Already?)

It really is true, the years seem to fly by faster and faster as one gets older.  All of a sudden it’s the night before New Year’s Eve…I think.  It’s kind of hard to keep track of the days when everyone is on holiday from school and work.

I’ve never really been the kind of person that makes new year resolutions with any real intent on keeping them, I honestly cannot remember one true meaningful resolution that I’ve ever made!

Continuing in that grand tradition I shall now make up my list of (completely arbitrary) New Year’s Resolutions for 2015! (Back stories pertaining to each one are available to read by clicking where indicated 😀 )

  1. I shall teach my children to eat real food.  By “real” I mean something other than the cheese slices or rolled bologna that Little Man has been subsisting on recently.  I don’t plan to actively have to do anything to make this resolution happen, I’m just working on the assumption that eventually the boys will start to expand their terribly limited palettes.

2.  I will get Big Boy’s tonsils removed.  Hopefully that will help achieve Resolution No. 1 as well as resolving our nose-picking problem.  This one should also not be hard to accomplish since he’s had a referral in to a specialist since the beginning of October! (Which is absolutely ridiculous, this doctor had better be a freaking magician to warrant a wait that long just for a consultation!)

3.  I will get Little Man to poop on the potty.  The kid has been potty trained for months now but still insists on wearing a diaper and hiding underneath the piano to have a poop.  He’s supposed to start school in the fall and I’m starting to worry that he won’t be ready!  This one will take some work perhaps, work that I likely won’t bother doing.  He’ll get it eventually.

4.  I will spend less time playing games on my iPad.  This one won’t be hard.  My eyes are still not quite right so I can’t stare at a screen as long as I used to, plus I have now taken up knitting which, since it’s new, is infinitely more enticing to me right now.  Big Boy’s sweater is done and I have started on one for my husband which he is entirely uninterested in seeing the progress I’m making on, he just wants it to fit when it’s done. (Which may or may not actually happen!)

5.  I will get dressed in real clothes every day.  As most new mothers know, jammies or a rough equivalent are fairly standard fare for baby’s first year.  My babies are now 3 and 4 years old and I still spend most days wearing my jammies.  I think that if I can wear real clothes it will really boost my self-esteem (which has been lacking of late) and make me project more of an attractive version of myself (which also seems to be missing).  This will likely make me feel better about myself which will make me happier and therefore nicer to both my children and my husband, win all around!  In all honesty, I think that the only way that I’ll keep this resolution is to have sleepwear officially designated as “real clothes!”

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2 thoughts on “It’s Resolution Time! (Really? Already?)

  1. I am not good with resolutions either and it’s really tough when the kids are little, life is really more about them than you! (Actually, I’m not sure when that phase ends! 😉 ) Good luck and Happy 2015!! 🙂


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