Let’s Change DST

My first instinct is to do away with Daylight Savings Time.  As I understand it, this system was put into place to allow farmers more daylight to work the fields…back before tractors had headlights and houses had electricity.  Just in case the government missed the memo, lots of farming can be done at night thanks to these new-fangled, progressive times that we live in.

Daylight-Savings-300x215I’m not sure how long ago it was, maybe five or ten years, that they changed the “spring ahead” date to March instead of April.  Perhaps there was debate at that time about disregarding the whole clock-changing thing but they obviously decided to stay with their plan of screwing up everyone’s lives for a few days.

Since it appears that we are stuck with this mess for the time being I want to know who to contact to have it changed by one lousy week.

This morning I let my boys sleep in, I spent the weekend using an alarm to wake up twenty minutes earlier each day hoping to get them at least somewhat used to the new times.  My boys generally don’t stay in bed when I get up so even if they don’t hear the alarm they get out of bed.  I thought my plan had worked at least a little bit, last night the boys were both in bed (and asleep!) by the time the clocks read 8:30.

That’s normal for them so I figured they would wake up just before 7:00 as usual but was determined to let them sleep if they needed to.  The alarm went off this morning and Big Boy popped up saying, “I got it, I got it!” and then proceeded to lay his head back down and fall asleep.

I got up, made my coffee, turned on the TV and sat to check my email thinking that I would very soon hear a “Good morning Mom! I awake!”  In reality, I heard nothing…and more nothing…and more nothing.

I actually got to sit for half an hour alone! By myself! Drinking hot coffee undisturbed by various requests for potty help, juice refills, toast procurement or affirmation that it is, in fact, a school day.  Of course, the day that this miracle happens is the one day that I really wanted the silly children awake.

Finally, they appeared.  Just in time to wake up enough to watch the school bus drive by so we piled into the van and drove to school.  Not a problem, I was expecting that to happen and by now the other parents are so used to seeing me drop my kid off wearing my pajamas that they don’t blink an eye.  (Most of them don’t blink an eye when they see me picking him up after school still wearing pajamas either in actual fact.)

I’m absolutely certain that I am not the only parent to do a nearly late drop-off of a half-asleep kid this morning.  I’m also absolutely certain that there will have been an uncommonly high number of late students this morning.  My personal belief is that it’s better to take a happy kid to school late than to present a grumpy one on time.  The teachers must dread this day as much as the parents!

Which is why I can’t believe that nobody ever thought to check the dates when they moved the DST day into March.

Next week (for my kid and likely most of my province if not the whole country) is March Break.  If the time change could coincide with that week the poor kids would have a whole week to adjust before having to go back to school.  Most of the parents would probably like that too, the vacationing ones won’t care what time it is and the ones who have to work will still be dealing with the annoyance only a week later.

I don’t know what branch of the government is in charge of this stuff but they need to address this issue immediately!  I do, however, realize that it’s such a simple solution to the wide-spread problem that no government would ever come up with it on their own.

Now, I am going to ignore my dirty dishes and unchanged bed sheets for an hour or so and go have a sit on the porch in the lovely sunlight.  Or maybe I’ll nap.  After all, the sun will still be there after supper, apparently. right when I’ll be trying to convince the boys that it’s bedtime and they’ll say, “Look mommy, the sun’s up, it’s wake-up time!”

Right kid, maybe I’ll go tell my local government official that he’s on bedtime duty tonight.



2 thoughts on “Let’s Change DST

  1. Day light savings and kids do not mix well. We took our 3 year old out candle pin bowling yesterday, tuckered her out and skipped naptime. She ended up in bed roughly around the same time and was IP at normal time. Yay! Score- Daylight savings :0 Mommy:1.


    • Good for you! I’m sure that the only reason the boys went to bed early is because I sent them outside to play after supper, then threw them into the bath and straight to bed after. They’ll adjust quickly I’m sure but will be miserable for a few days.


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