A Mother Will Never Forget

Mothers Day poem gift

A gift for Mother’s Day to all the women who have taken this incredible journey called “motherhood!”

Mothers are amazing creatures, we take care of everything for everybody, every day.  Most of the time the days fly by so quickly that we can barely distinguish one from another.

No matter what stage of motherhood we are in, it’s important to remember as much as we can from this wonderful journey through the lives of our children.


A Mother Will Never Forget

I’ll never forget the solid weight of your newborn body,

the terror of your first diaper change,

the joy on your face during your first bath.

I’ll never forget your ability to utterly destroy my weekend plans by getting sick,

your ability to sniff out the closet where I hide to eat some chocolate alone,

your ability to mess up the entire house in the blink of an eye.

I’ll never forget that you are especially ticklish behind your knees,

that you love pizza above all other foods,

that you secretly love to sing and dance.

I’ll never forget to trust you,

to teach you,

to learn from you.

I’ll never forget the day that you broke your leg,

the day that you came down with pneumonia,

the day that you cried in my arms over something that you couldn’t put into words.

I’ll never forget how you bring me to tears with your sweetness,

bring me to the edge of insanity with your tenacity,

bring me peace by simply letting me hold you.

I’ll never forget to let you cherish the good,

learn from the bad,

grow from all life brings to you.

I’ll never forget your first day as a licensed driver,

your high school prom,

your college graduation.

I’ll never forget the times we laughed,

the times we cried,

the times that we spent making memories together.

I’ll never forget that I can’t save you from all of life’s pain,

that I’m trying to teach you how to make wise choices,

that you know yourself better than even me.

I’ll never forget the way you looked on your first day of school,

your wedding day,

the day you told me that I was going to be a grandma.

I’ll never forget the sound of your laughter,

the smell of your sweat,

the sparkle in your eye.

I’ll never forget holding you as a baby,

watching you hold your own baby,

having you place that baby in my arms and tell me that you finally understand what it means to love a child.

I’ll never forget the first time you called me “Mommy”,

the first time you said that you hated me during a fight,

the first time you admitted that you were pretty glad to have me as a mother.

I’ll never forget that it doesn’t matter how often I had to clean up after you,

drive you back and forth at all hours of the day,

remind you to use your manners.

I’ll never forget that it’s been a privilege being your mother,

watching you grow,

teaching you all that I can.

I’ll never forget that our goodbyes are not forever,

our times apart are not unending,

our memories will last a lifetime.

Most importantly,

I’ll never, ever forget to love you forever


Mother’s Day is coming up, I hope that you are treated like a queen whether that means being showered with flowers and gifts or left alone to enjoy some rare solitude.  I count myself lucky to be included in the sisterhood of mothers and wish us all the happiest of days on Mother’s Day!


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