Losing Your Mom on Mother’s Day

Mothers Day Loss

On Mother’s Day we celebrate the woman who gave us life.  The woman who loves us unconditionally and supports us unfailingly.  My husband said goodbye to his amazing mother today, on Mother’s Day weekend.

Our first thought was, “Couldn’t it have been any other weekend?” but once I thought about it I realized that there’s no better tribute to such an amazing mom than having our last day with her be a day dedicated to mothers.

We were incredibly lucky to have had so much time with her and will miss her terribly but as I was distractedly looking at Facebook a picture jumped out at me and made me pause.  It was a quote from someone whom I had never heard of but it struck me as amazingly helpful at that moment.

I pass it along to you now, to everyone who had to say goodbye to a parent.

Thomas S MonsonYour bright light led us through so much.  Happiness, heartache, joy and sorrow.

It will continue to shine through each of us as we navigate these next difficult days.

Your light will never fade, those of us who felt it’s warmth will never forget how lucky we are.

That light shines in each of us who gather here to thank you for so much.

We bask in the glow of having been loved by such a wonderful person.

The time has come to say goodbye but know that your light will never dim,

Our love for you will keep it strong.

Rest well, dear one, the beacon has been passed.


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