5 Reasons An Apple Watch Is Perfect For Mom

Plus One Thing Apple Could Make Better

We all know that mothers are busy people.  Having to juggle home, work, kids, husband, parents, friends, self…the list goes on and on.  Most of us have, at some point or another, wished for an extra set of hands or two.  I have found that (for the most part) I am much less inclined to need extra hands when I actually have full use of my own two.

The Good Parts of Apple Watch

I don’t have to worry about losing my phone.  The watch has a nifty “ping phone” feature.  For some reason I thought that it was similar to the BBM ping but what I learned was that it actually makes my phone sound off like an air raid siren.  A helpful feature when small children have run off with my phone but it (literally) scared the crap out of my son when I tried it while he was using the phone on the toilet!

Apple Watch Phone Call

My mother and I use the phone to talk across the driveway!

I can answer a call no matter what I’m doing.  On a hot day when you know that all you have to do is meet your kid at the end of the lane when the bus drops him off so you have a nice, cold beer it’s handy to carry on a phone conversation with your wrist while you frantically locate purse, keys, underwear and something to mask the beer smell when the teacher calls to say that she didn’t put him on the bus and he’s waiting to be picked up. (By the time the call was done I had located three of those four things and was at the school in less than ten minutes!)


Apple Watch Notification

Yes, I like to email myself sometimes!

A quick glance is all I need for email.  I generally like to know right away if an email requires an immediate response or not.  Now I don’t even have to figure out which pocket, counter, purse or couch cushion my phone is in.  All I need is a quick glance at my watch and I can see who sent the email which is usually enough to know whether it’s important or not.  I have the privacy setting turned on so I only get the simple icon with the sender’s name, easy to read quickly and then get my eyes back on the boys as they joust with broomsticks!



It helps the kids wake up in a good mood. My Big Boy thinks that Siri is the coolest thing in the world.  Every morning when I wake up I deliberately leave my watch on the nightstand because he loves to come over and present me with a kiss and a, “Mom! I have your Siri!” He’s old enough to remember that it was my Mother’s Day gift and he loves being able to give it to me again every day.

Apple Watch Activity Notification

Every mother will hit the “Stand” goal without difficulty!

The Activity feature makes me feel quite healthy.  My husband laughed at me when I was setting up the Activity stuff.  He knows me, he knows that I hate moving any faster than is absolutely necessary so he couldn’t understand how a simple (ha!) watch could possible entice me to be a little more active.  He was right to laugh.  Having put in my age, height and weight and left the suggested goals as they were I have discovered that I stand up and move around more than is necessary (Boys, learn to do some things on your own please!) as well as burn more calories than I probably take in on some days.  I have also learned that grocery shopping with a preschooler counts as exercise to the folks who programmed the Apple Watch. Therefore, darling husband, I am quite healthy, my watch says so!


It makes me feel super cool! The other night I was driving home and Reba McEntire was being interviewed about her new album.  During the conversation she was talking about her time on “The Voice” watching Pharrel Willliams talk to his watch which she thought was really neat.  Now she’s excited to get one of her own.  The point, though, is I have something that Reba McEntire wants!  I’ll admit, it was also pretty neat to get an email from Apple welcoming me to the family after being one of “the first people to own an Apple Watch.”

One feature that I would like to see is a “Mom Mode”.  The way it works now is if I am using my phone the Watch will not register any notifications which I completely understand.  As a mother I already have to deal with being notified multiple times when someone needs me for juice, food, clean-up or bathroom help, I don’t want to be told twice that Mr. Not-A-Real-Name from Somewhere-Unpronounceable has money that he needs to deposit in my bank account.  It would be nice if this were optional though.  My “mom mode” would essentially turn on double notifications allowing me to let the boys use the phone without missing out on new tweets, messages, phone calls or mail. (I make it sound like I have important communications at all hours of the day but that’s an exaggeration to say the least!)

I really do think that every mother needs to have an Apple Watch though, there are so many things that are difficult about raising children that we should take advantage of every little thing that could make it easier! I would like to make this disclaimer though: I make no promises that, having been given an Apple Watch by my husband, I will magically find the time or energy to vacuum the house more frequently.  Dishes and laundry are possible, but not vacuuming!


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