I Love Spring!


Spring has finally sprung in Southern Ontario, as I grow older I realize that I am definitely not a winter person.  For a few days we’ve had sunny skies, warm temperatures and little breeze and I am in such a fantastic mood!

I’m sure that part of it is the lovely weather, part of it may be that the other night I actually sat down and wrote for the first time in nearly six months.  I started back to work at the end of last summer and was so thrown off by that transition that I figured I was lucky if everyone in the house had clean clothes and at least one meal a day.  I had no extra energy to do anything more than just get through the day, week, month.

Of course, the fact that it was winter didn’t help.  My Big Boy has always had trouble with colds and throat infections, last year I finally got us referred to a couple of ear, nose and throat doctors.  The first guy gave us a nose spray and sent us on our way (which did not impress me!) but the second fellow listened to everything that I had to say and then promptly agreed with my assertion that we needed some tonsils taken out.  From that first appointment, what with one thing or another, it took four months but we finally got it done.  The operation went well (the recovery was a bit trickier than expected) and since then my often-absent-from-school son has been exceptionally healthy!

As often happens though, just as he was getting over his tonsillectomy his little brother started getting sick.  I watched anxiously as this cold took hold and wouldn’t let go, he just couldn’t shake it.  His father started coming down with it at the same time, as did I. My Little Man has always had problems with his lungs in winter, he has to use asthma puffers regularly and has had two very scary incidents where he’s gone into a full asthma attack in the middle of the night when he’s had a cold, a year ago he ended up in the hospital with pneumonia as well so I watch him like a hawk during cold and flu season.

The days went on and I saw him progressing towards pneumonia in the exact way he had done a year earlier so one night we ended up at the doctor’s office with me trying to make the doctor see that I knew where we were headed if something wasn’t done.  Luckily, although it wasn’t our usual doctor, she was a smart lady who knew to listen to a mother and she prescribed us some medicine to try to ward off what was coming.  It worked and my Little Man had a couple of rough days but no hospital stay this winter.

My husband, who has had precisely two colds in the two decades that I’ve known him, ended up with bronchitis and pneumonia and it knocked him down for more than a month! Between his ailments, Little Man’s near ailments and Big Boy’s surgical recovery it was a busy start to the new year.

So now it’s so nice to open the windows and let the warm spring breezes blow the stale, sick winter air out of the house.  By next week I’ll have to worry about those breezes blowing in dirt from the fields as the farmers get started on the tractoring (yes, I made that word up!) but I’ll worry about that later.


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