I became a first time parent at 35, my two boys are 16-1/2 months apart and I spend all day, every day with them.








My life is trains and trucks and hugs and fights and food and mess.

I love it and hate it all at the same time, there are probably many stay-at-home parents that know exactly what I mean by that.  I started writing partly to have a record of my thoughts and feelings, and partly because I feel that I sometimes have a knack for telling a story that might bring someone a chuckle.  I know that there are a lot of days when I appreciate a laugh that didn’t come from a cartoon character!

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Changes! A Note to Readers

I’ve recently changed how my blog works in the background. I’m not sure from here on out if new posts will show up in your WordPress Reader.

I would like to keep bringing my stories into your world so if you would like to guarantee delivery I would humbly ask that you visit Easy Being Mom and subscribe via email.

Many thanks go to WordPress for starting me on this journey with such a great community of bloggers.

I truly hope to keep your readership and look forward to all the new stories to come!

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