Choosing A Name When You Become A Grandmother


I’ve been thinking about names a lot lately, come November I will get to go by a different name when my first grandchild is born! (I don’t think there is an emoticon in existence that can adequately convey my excitement!)

Growing up I was lucky enough to have four grandparents and a great-grandmother in my life.  I had my Nana & Papa on my father’s side and Grandma, Grandpa & Great-grandma on my mother’s.  It seemed to be quite straightforward to me, everyone had their designation, each was as unique as the people they identified and there was no need to distinguish between Grandma-this or Grandpa-that.

When I was pregnant for the first time my parents and I had a fair few chats about what they would be called.  My dad was a no-brainer for “Papa”, he just exudes papa-ness and it fit him like a glove.  My mother was a bit trickier, she was a bit too proper to fit our definition of a “Nana” (and really, even though my Nana is gone I can’t imagine anyone else being nana enough to warrant the title!) but she didn’t quite fit as a “Grandma” either.  We finally settled on an amalgam of both, she is known as “GranNan” and it really does fit her perfectly.

Surprisingly, me being the closet narcissist that I am, I hadn’t realized that we were making these name choices for not only my children but any and all nieces and nephews that may turn up! Luckily my sister hasn’t raised any objections and my niece is quite happy to have a GranNan along with her other two Grandmas.

grandma-486796_640My grandbaby will also have three grandmothers, as a “bonus mom” I was a bit uncertain about whether I would get awarded full grandmother status or not.  According to my step-son that’s not even an issue, thank goodness! So while I get to be a full-on grandmother I’m perfectly aware that I am third in the list to choose a title, I don’t want to step on the toes of either of the blood grandmothers though so this is going to require thought!

My step-son has always referred to his father as “Pops”. Without even discussing it my husband and I both came to the instant conclusion that he will be “Pops” to the baby as well.  This actually works out well because the chances of my dad still being around when this baby starts talking are pretty good and it would be confusing to have my husband be a “Papa” to the new baby but my dad being “Papa” as well.  Too much papa going on there.  Likely my boys will also start calling their dad “Pops” but I’m okay with that.

My mom and dad will happily use their current titles with the new baby so that just leaves me.  I don’t feel like I have the requisite nana-ness in me to even contemplate being a “nana” and I’m far too young to be a “grandma” so will have to come up with something else, something unique – like me!